16 January 2018
6 reasons why you should participate in a hackathon in 2018
Unsure why anyone would want to participate in a hackathon? Read on to find out!
1. It's fun!

You get to meet new people, brainstorm, present, be part of a competition. At EnergyLab's hackathons you also get great food and snacks and finish the day with drinks. How good does that sound?

2. It helps you reach your goals

Remember the last time you worked on a problem you wanted to work on for a while, for a whole day without being interrupted by other things? No? We thought so. A hackathon is the perfect place for this, you have one whole day to get sh*t done!

3. It's a great occasion to meet like-minded people and have interesting conversations

You go to networking events but find it particularly hard especially when you don't know anyone there? We've been there too! At a hackathon you'll be solving important problems while meeting people with different backgrounds. We find it easier to engage people this way. Some people even met their co-founders at a hackathon.

4. It's a great way to learn about a topic

Working with other people who might have a different expertise than yours is the best way to learn about a topic. Plus, the intense nature of the task makes it very stimulating and encourages you to read lots about a topic you may not have encountered in the past.
The winning team of the Sydney Climathon 2017 at work
5. There's a place for everyone

You might be thinking: "why would I go to a hackathon, I can't code". First, hackathons are not only about coding. Second, a team composed only of coders would probably do extremely badly. At a hackathon your team is like a mini start-up, so, you may need a coder, but you'll also need a sales person, a subject matter expert and sometimes even a creative genius. In our hackathons it's always good to have someone who knows about energy in your team, and sometimes it's even more important than having a hacker! We also attract a good mix of entrepreneurs, students and professionals, every profile is represented.

6. (Bonus) It could be the start of a successful business

EnergyLab has organised a few hackathons already and helped the winners set up their business. One even made it into our Acceleration Program.

If you have participated in a hackathon and have a viable business idea that you want to explore further we encourage you to apply for the EnergyLab acceleration program which is backed by Origin Energy, UTS, Climate-KIC, KPMG and Jobs for NSW. EnergyLab also works closely with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Artesian Venture Partners, and other organisations supportive of cleantech and clean energy startups.
Register for our CleanTech Hackathon in Brisbane on 3&4 February or to the Smart Energy Hackathon in Canberra on 9&10 February.

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