Meet the new cohort of our Acceleration Program
Five startups have joined the September intake of EnergyLab's Acceleration Program
EcoLogic Apps, Everty, Optim Controls, PV Mate, and a secret startup we'll announce later. Meet EnergyLab's newest members and the second cohort to join our Acceleration Program.
The new members of our accelerator
Ecologic Apps

Apps to help households and businesses generate tailored energy plans and install energy efficiency, solar and batteries

Ecologic have produced a set of apps and a cloud-based platform to help households and businesses assess and install energy efficiency, solar and batteries. The customer begins by answering a targeted set of questions about their building and appliances using their web or mobile app. Their responses are then sent to the cloud where Ecologic perform a set of advanced simulations. The customer is then sent a tailored report and business case for a wide range of measures including energy efficiency, solar and batteries. The customer can then dispatch local product and service providers to implement their preferred measures. Ecologic currently have three product lines: a free product for households funded through commissions on sales; a professional product for energy consultants, energy product providers funded through fees per assessment and a commission split; and a partner product for utilities, city governments and other institutional partners, funded through subscriptions and a commission split.



Everty is building a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network.

Everty exists to help make the lives of electric vehicle drivers easier. The biggest barrier to owning an EV is the lack (or a perceived lack) of adequate access to charging infrastructure. Everty's web app helps to make existing charging infrastructure more efficient by opening up existing private charging stations and monetising not only the value of the idle charger, but the unused parking space as well. Through their booking and payment system, Everty provide certainty to drivers that the charger they need will be available when they need it as well as confidence to charger owners that they will be compensated for the use of their charger.

Optim Controls

An online technical support platform for industrial equipment

Optim's mission is to accelerate the development of sustainable and energy efficient electrical distribution systems. Today, about 45% of the world's electricity is consumed by electric motors and the vast majority of them are run extremely inefficiently. Only about 10% of the motors are equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs). VFDs are advanced systems which require a lot of attention and maintenance. If a VFD breaks down, a user usually has to wait for a technician to arrive on site for an investigation which takes days to arrange and costs thousands of dollars. On top of that VFD users incur losses from equipment downtime. Their research shows that in at least 60% of cases diagnostics can be performed remotely with on site electricians fixing the equipment within minutes if they receive clear instructions.

PV Mate

Business to Business bidding & Job management platform for Solar PV Installations across Australia

PV Mate is best illustrated by an example: A retail sells a residential or commercial solar PV installation to a client who requires installation in the next two days. The retailer's usual installer isn't available so the retailer publishes the job on PV Mate using their easy-to-use online form. Installers registered to PV Mate receive an alert for the job and place bids for the job along. The retailer picks the installer based on installation costs, bankability and time. The job gets done and the customer is happy.

All installers are filtered via PV Mate's network so that there is a level of trust with every installer and retailer using their job portal. The job can be monitored at each stage from product delivery to commissioning and once complete all compliance documentation can be uploaded via the portal making it an easy to use platform to attain the best possible installation practice.
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