A bit about us
Behind EnergyLab is a vision of a world powered by 100% clean energy, generous supporters, and a team dedicated to helping the startups who are making that dream a reality
EnergyLab was founded to support new business and technological initiatives that move Australia and the world toward 100% clean energy solutions
EnergyLab is made possible by the generous support of our Principal Sponsor, Origin Energy. We are part of the New Energy Nexus, a global alliance of clean energy accelerators, and supported by Climate-KIC Australia, based on the EU's leading cleantech innovation platform. UTS hosts our headquarters in Sydney, which was fitted out thanks to a grant from Jobs for NSW.
We're expanding
Currently based in Sydney, EnergyLab is expanding to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Cambodia.
"A low-carbon, clean energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come."
Barack Obama
EnergyLab Members
Here are some of the companies EnergyLab is supporting to succeed
The people behind the scenes
Piers Grove
Managing Director
Nick Lake
Executive Director
Danny Kennedy
Non-Executive Director
James Tilbury
Operations Director
Bridget McIntosh
Director, Emerging Markets
Sarah Lacroix
Community & Events Manager
Carola Jonas
Events & Media Relations
Catherine Raffaele
Learning Director