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277 investors, successful entrepreneurs, specialists and industry experts have volunteered to mentor EnergyLab's startups, 249 of which are listed below. If you're passionate about helping cleantech startups and have experience or expertise to offer, we hope you'll apply to join the network.

Alan Brake

Senior Renewable Energy Engineer, CS Energy

Alan Crabbe

Cofounder, Pozible & Birchal

Aldo Grech

Program Manager, Essential Leadership

Alec Hussain

Co-founder | Chief Operating & Experience Officer, SNRG

Alex Houlston

Director and Co-founder, Energy for the People and BOOMPower

Alex Zinzopoulos

Tax and R&D specialist, William Buck

Alexandra Clunies-Ross

VC Analyst, Artesian

Alice Lang

Scenario Planning and Competitive Analysis Manager, AGL

Alistair Wells

Principal, GridGen Consulting

Alistair Smith

Principal, Davies Collison Cave

Allina Fawcett

Senior Strategy Analyst, TransGrid

Amanda Wise

Customer Experience & Design Lead, Wise Experience

Amy Fong

Associate Director - Marketing and Communications, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Andrea Ruhrmann

Senior patent attorney, FB Rice

Andrew Ward


Andrew Cohen

Technical Sales Manager, Gravitas Energy

Andrew Sellick

General Manager Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Virgin Australia

Andrew Garrick

Director/Founder, Production Group

Andrew Burgess

Co-founder & Sales Director, Solar Juice

Andrew Drager

Head of Development, Juwi

Andy Hill

Founder, Planet Price

Anna Minns

Co-Founder & CEO, Boomerang Labs

Anna Perejma

Contract Manager, Department of Defence

Anne Foster

Director, Clean Energy and ESG Investment

Anne-Beatrice Brechemier

Venture Partner, Various

Anne-Carole Huc

Strategy Manager, ENGIE

Anthony Owen

Manager Queensland, OnMarket

Anthony Franze

Design Consultant, Industrial Design

Arvind Bhatnagar

Business Lecturer, ATMC

Ben Waters

Strategy Director / Cofounder, Presync

Ben Sawley

CEO Sustainable Fuels, ResourceCo

Ben Kluwgant

Government Incentives Advisor, Catalyst Solutions

Bennett Wong

Director, Designer, Made Together

Bhakti Devi

National President, WICCI, Water Resources Council

Blake Mills

Co-founder / Director, Made Together

Brad Schultz

Head of Customer Engagement, Buildings Alive

Brendan Giles

Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Heat and Power

Brett Elliott

Director, Hiiiya

Brian Dorricott

Managing Director, Meteorical

Brian Keayes

Cofounder, EarthTech Ventures

Brian Campbell

Managing Director, PyroPhos Resources

Bruce Ebzery

Mentor, Arc Hardware Incubator

Bryan Rollins

Operator in Residence, Grok Ventures

Buzby Kuramoto

GM Merchant Energy Operations, Alinta Energy

Callum Hickey

Commercial Manager, QUT bluebox

Cameron Briggs

Head of Future Energy, Origin Energy

Charles Rendigs

Renewable Energy Project Originator/Director National Board, Zinc Energy/Australian Institute of Energy

Cheryl Petith

Project Manager, Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

Chris McLean

Regional Director of Operations, JONES DAY

Chris Nheu

Senior Product Manager, Stey

Chris Bean

CEO, Wattwatchers

Chris Wade

Chief Executive Officer, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

Chris Dunstan

Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS

Chris Davey

Managing Director, Target Light

Claire Stewart

Content and media strategist, Self employed

Claire Painter

CASE | EQ Infrastructure Readiness Manager, Mercedes-Benz Australia

Craig Thomler

Co-Founder, SimpleMarketing.AI

Craig Blundell

Carbon and Energy Consultant, Pangolin Associates

Damian Sturzaker

Partner, Marque Lawyers

Damian Edwards

Senior Energy & Sustainability Specialist, CQ Energy

Dan Cass

Energy Policy and Regulatory Lead, Australia Institute

Dan Sturrock

Investment Director, ARENA

Daniel Green

Manager, Mobilization and Execution, Origin Energy

Dave Perring

Head of Aviation Services, Hobart Airport

David Margolius

Head of Products and Systems, Agile Energy

David Sutherland

General Manager, Yes Agency

David Mitchell

Sales Director, Out Performers

David Valentine

Chief Operating Officer, Altus Renewables Limited

David Roche

Managing Director, Greenwatt

David Dennis

Principal, Circular Solutions

Dean Storchenegger

Associate Director, NSW Treasury

Dean Travers

Director & Founder, 123V

Dean Rizzetti

Senior Advisor, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate change

Debra Surman

Director, Local Capability

Deepak Oberoi

Managing Director, Effectus Digital

Dennis Silvers

Managing Director, Prestige Business Consulting

Dhruv Vishrani

Head of Strategy, Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Eddie Chung

Partner, BDO

Eddy Lee

VP Venture Capital, Engie Factory APAC, Engie

Edward Lynch-Bell

Product Development, Evie Networks

Elena Woods

Senior Model Line Manager-Passeneger, Renault Australia

Elliot Fraval

Building Services Manager, ACT Health

Emma Schmitt

General Manager, Summit Southern Cross Power

Emma Bones

Special Projects Manager, Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas

Eva Cheng

Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director, Women in Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney

Evelyn Chan

CEO, Smileyscope

Fabian Le Gay Brereton

Non executive director, Tiller Cycles

Felicity Stening

CEO, Enova Community Energy

Francis Vierboom

Co-Founder, Propeller Aero

Fraser Power

Stakeholder and Advocacy Manager, Origin Energy

Gareth Lee

Senior Economist, Shell

Genevieve Simpson

Government Relations Manager, Western Power

Glenn Platt

Program Director & Site Leader, CSIRO

Hafeez Shahiwala

Project finance consultant, Independent Consultant

Haim Ptasznik

Director, Veida/ Clean Energy Partnerships

Hamish Stewart

Experience Strategy Director / Creative Director, GHO Sydney

Hannah Heath

Chief Strategy Officer, Nectr

Harley Weston

Managing Director, Solaire properties

Haydn Fletcher

Country Manager, Canadian Solar

Helena Lo

Global Organisational Change Leader - Strategy & Transformation, GHD

Henry Anning

CEO - ResourceCo Energy Systems, ResourceCo

Hudson Worsley

Co-founder & Director, Presync

Ian Christmas

Engineering Lead, Edify Energy

Ian Buck

Management Consultant, Accenture

Ian Waight

Chief Operating Officer, Solar Analytics

Jack Qi

Director, William Buck Accountants and Advisors

Jackson Gerard

Investment Director, Trade & Investment Queensland

Jake Whitehead

Director, Transmobilty Consulting

Jake Bugden

Co-founder, The Energy Project

James Kirby

Director, Kirby Capital Pty Ltd

James Myatt

General Manager Future Energy, Ampol Australia

James Seymour


Jason Perkins

CEO, Tractile

Jemma Xu

Co-founder & General Partner, RedBlock Capital

Jen Klingmann

Founder & CEO, HR for Life

Jennifer George

CEO, Strategic Commercialisation Australia

Jeremy Kwong-Law

CEO & CIO, Grok Ventures

Jess Miller

Councillor, City of Sydney

Jewel Huang

Research Development Manager, Griffith University

Jim Hunter

CEO, The Water and Carbon Group Pty Ltd

Jo Hume

General Manager, Fulcrum3D

Joanna Nelson

General Manager Future Energy, Origin Energy

Joanna Zhou

Corporate Counsel, Origin Energy

Joe Springer

Sales Director, Springers Solar

John O'Brien

Partner, Deloitte Australia

Josef Tadich

Senior Manager Engineering, Tesla Motors Australia

Josh Sucharov

Global Asset Manager, IFM Investors

Josh Usher

Director, MistyWest

JP Ross

Senior Director, East Bay Community Energy

Judy Pridmore

Director and Co-founder, Judy Pridmore Consulting and Junovate

Julia Callaghan

Operations Manager, SUHO

Julien Muret

Partner/Manager, Google Admob

Julien Bertoli

Founder, G Transition

Kai Ryan

Managing Director, Speed to Insight

Kale Miller

Data scientist, Intellify Pty Ltd

Kastoori Hingorani

Strategy Consultant, L.E.K. consulting

Kedem Levy

C&I Demand Response Manager, AGL Energy

Kim Middleton

Partner, Marque Lawyers

Kim Lawrence

Non-Executive Director and Advisor, KML Advisory

Kristin Vaughan

Director, Innovation Fund, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Lachlan Blackhall

Entrepreunerial Fellow and Head, ANU

Laura Jones

Senior Analyst, ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program

Leigh Kennedy

Energy Lead, Austrade

Leon Fitzpatrick

Principal, Futurethingy

Liz Fletcher

Associate Director, Engevity

Louis Edwards

Head of Renewable Energy Finance, Plenti

Lucinda Hankin

Director of Private Investments, Grok Ventures

Luke Storey

Manager, Forecast Financial Modelling

Lyn Bowring

Executive Director, Solar Victoria

Lynne Teo

Lead facilitator and mentor, CSIRO

Mac Irvine

Associate Director - Corporate and Project Finance, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Marianna O'Gorman

Executive Director, McKell Institute Queensland

Mark Harland


Mary Stewart

CEO, Energetics

Mary Munroe

Principal, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick

Matt Stubbs

Director, Profergy

Mel Rumble

Associate, Action Foresight

Mel Rosenthal

Founder/Director, South View Consulting

Michael Tuckey

Technical Director, New Forge Engineering

Michael Hunter

Partner, M Capital Partners

Michael Li

Senior Project Manager, ClimateWorks Australia

Michael Fragomeni

CTO, HyperPower Technologies

Michelle Keam

Sustainability Manager (Waste, Packaging and the Circular Economy), Australia Post

Mick Liubinskas

Partner and Director of Product and Growth, BCG Digital Ventures

Monica Richter

Climate Change Business Engagement Manager, WWF-Australia

Monica Barbu

Associate Director - Analytics, AECOM

Murray Hogarth

Director - Communications and Community Networks, Wattwatchers Digital Energy

Nathalie Swainston

Director, Nous Group

Nathan Dunlop

Head of Market Strategy, Tritium

Nathaniel Diong

CEO, Future Minds Network

Nato Foti

Growth Advisor, Bloom Consulting

Ned Halliday

Energy Manager, University of Melbourne

Neil Salisbury

Managing Director & CEO, Point Advisory & CleanTek Market

Neil Davidson

Design Director, Clandestine Design Group

Nic Chamberlain

Managing Director, Neoteny Service Design

Nick Lake

Founder, EnergyLab

Nick Chiarelli

CEO & Founder, Ocean Impact Organisation

Nick Albrow

Director, Wilkinson Butler

Nicole Stevens

Founder | Chief strategist, Digital Creatures

Niva Lima

Commercial Opperations Manager, Infigen Energy

Noel Anthony

Marketing Coordinator, DARCHE

Pasquale Aliberti

Senior Associate, Allens

Patrick Matweew

CEO, Luceo Energy

Patrick Vera

New Technology Manager, FRV Services Australia

Paul Greenop

Head of Portfolio Management, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Paul Howdle

Managing Consultant, Directional

Paul Hodgson

GM Innovation and Stakeholder Engagement (East Coast), National Energy Resources Australia

Pavel Reddy

Managing Director, Clearpoint Ventures

Penny Wong

Partner & Managing Director, Radmis

Peter Haenke

Investment Manager, Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Peter Lightbody

Lawyer, Aperion Law

Peter Ball

Founder, Greater Outcomes

Peter Hansford

Manager Business Development, Victorian Government

Peter Darby

Senior Product Design Engineer, Breville Australia

Philip Keogan

Chief Commercial Officer, Wattwatchers

Rahul Kumar

Director, Allied Legal

Rebecca Watts

Founding Principal, Barrenjoey

Reece Proudfoot

Head of Innovation and Impact Investing, WWF Australia

Renate Egan

Chair and Co Founder, Solar Analytics

Ric Brazzale

Managing Director, Green Energy Markets

Richard Case

Managing Director, Artesian

Richard Vargas

CEO & Founder, United Solar Energy

Richard Lovell

Executive Director, Investments, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Richard Johnston

Distributed Generation Advisor, AGL Energy

Richard Foxworthy

Co-Founder, BillHero

Richard Lin

Investor, AirTree Ventures

Rimma Mitelman

Head of Asset Management, ESCO Pacific

Robert Ceic

Service Line Leader Power Generation and Renewable Energy, GHD

Rod van Onselen

Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, Origin Energy

Roy Unny

Director, Management Consultant

Ryan Darwin

Senior Manager, KPMG

Ryan Hauville

Regional Director, Philip Riley

Sam Mickan

Principal, Davies Collison Cave

Samantha Sharpe

Research Director, ISF, UTS

Sandra Gamble

Board Member and Chair, NZ Electricity Authority

Sarah Whittington

Manager, MinterEllison

Sarah Russell-Smith

Project Leader, BCG

Scott Ison

Group Manager, Origin Energy

Scott Davies

Managing Director, Grow Energy

Simon Spurr

Manager, Infrastructure Capital Group

Stefan Jarnason

Co-founder, CEO, Solar Analytics

Stephanie Moroz

Inovation Manager, EDL

Steve Blume

Director, Australian Institute of Energy

Steve Bradley

Business Consultant, Self-employed

Stuart Allinson

Chairman Advisory Board, Voconiq

Suchi Szczepanski

Senior Manager, Future Energy Technology, Origin Energy

Talbot Matthews

Proposals Manager, GE Renewable Energy

Terry Hilsberg

Venture Partner,

Tim MacTaggart

Chief Deployment Officer, Redflow

Tim Sadleir

Associate, Electrical & Energy Project Engineer, Stantec

Tim Carter

Commercial Contract Manager, Senvion

Timothy Mansfield

CEO, The Interaction Consortium

Tirthankar Banerjee

Director, Oztron Energy

Tom Dawkins

Non Executive Director, Centre for Social Impact

Tom Kelly

Head of Institutional Business, Janus Henderson Investors

Tony Heynen

Program Advisor and Lecturer, The University of Queensland

Tony Sinclair

Director, Venture Debt, Cataliize

Tooraj Arvajeh

CEO / Co-founder, Perl Street

Tristy Fairfield

Director, Low Carbon Australia

Ulric Ferner

Principal, Right Click Capital

Valentin Muenzel

Co-Founder & CEO, Relectrify

Vanessa Burgess

Communications Designer, Inland Rail

Warwick Johnston

Managing Director, SunWiz

Will Temple-Smith

General Manager Strategy and Capital Allocation, AusNet Services

Xanon Murphy

Producer, Republic Vision

Yannick Zapf

Founder, YZ Consulting

Yash Varma

Founder, spaarks

Yianni Mentis

Executive Manager Environment and Climate Change, Northern Beaches Council

Zoe Whitton

Head of ESG Research, Citi