A program for each stage of the startup journey

We've developed unique programs that provide clean energy and climate tech founders the support, expertise and networks they require to reach their next growth milestone.

Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship

You want to know what it takes to be a cleantech founder. We'll equip you with the skills, know-how and network to take the first steps in entrepreneurship.

Climate Solutions Accelerator

You're the founder of a climate tech startup and are ready for explosive growth. We'll help you raise capital, grow your network and expand your business.

Energy Scaleup Program

You're generating revenue and have proven your technology. This program will help you roll out your solution by connecting you with the most innovative energy companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Supercharge Australia

Backed by Boundless, Supercharge Australia is the first initiative of EnergyLab's recently announced partnership with global clean energy startup accelerator New Energy Nexus.

Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge

You're the founder of an innovative startup in the lithium battery value chain looking for support to face your challenges. You'll go through a hyper-accelerated innovation process supported by mentors, speakers and your cohort.

Not sure what program to apply for?

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