Calling the most ambitious climate tech founders

The Climate Solutions Accelerator is EnergyLab's flagship program and provides the best climate tech startups with all the support they need to reach their potential. Open to startups at all stages, this program is for entrepreneurs looking to deploy solutions that mitigate climate change at scale. That could be alternative protein, carbon sequestration, renewable energy or anything in between. We’ll invest ~$80,000 and introduce you to Australia's most active climate tech investors. We'll also help you expand your business by connecting you to our extensive network in Australia and overseas. Though what you'll enjoy most is being welcomed into an exclusive and supportive community of some of the world's most talented climate tech founders.

Key dates

  • Applications open: 1 February 2024
  • First round interviews: 1 - 30 April 2024
  • Second round interviews: 1 - 17 May 2024
  • Program runs: 8 July - 6 December 2024

Meet some of our alumni

The Climate Solutions Accelerator is in its third year and combines key elements from our Scaleup Program and Early Stage Acceleration Program. Here's some alumni from our first two cohorts and those other programs.

Receive the support you need to succeed

When you join our accelerator we take on the role of active advisors and will do everything we can to support you. Here is a taste of what we offer.


You will be offered ~A$75,000-100,000 of investment at your latest post-money valuation.

Introduction to investors

We'll introduce you to the most active climate tech and energy sector investors in Australia.

Exposure to over 300 mentors

EnergyLab has an extensive network of mentors from a wide range of backgrounds, such as energy companies, government departments, investment institutions and successful startups.

Guidance from our leadership team

You will have a direct line to our Chair and CEO, who have each advised dozens of clean tech startups and have extensive personal networks. They'll be available to provide advice and introductions from when you start the program to when you exit your business.

Legal and accounting assistance

Worried about asking a lawyer or accountant a question and receiving a $1,000 bill in the mail? Worry no more. Whilst in the program, you can talk to someone from FCW Lawyers or KPMG at no cost.

Guided learning to fuel growth

Throughout the program, EnergyLab will run a series of intensive fortnights focussed on areas such as international expansion, capital raising and industry partnerships.

Meet our Innovation Partners

During the program you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from each of the organisations below to explore opportunities to work together to deploy your low carbon solutions.

Program structure

The program revolves around five modules spread evenly throughout the schedule.


17 - 29 July 2023

Introductions to the cohort, investors, alumni and wider community.

Sales & Partnerships

28 Aug - 8 Sept 2023

Introductions to industry partners and workshops on how to secure partnerships with companies and utilities.

International Expansion

9 - 20 October 2023

Workshops on overseas expansion strategy and introductions to our contacts who can help you execute on your growth plans.


13 - 24 November 2023

Training and feedback on pitching before being introduced to Australia’s most active climate tech and energy sector investors.


4 - 8 December 2023

Wrap-up events to showcase all you’ve achieved in the program, including a public event to further raise your profile.


The program is completely free but participation is contingent on accepting an offer of investment from our angel group at the post-money valuation of your last priced round, or a default pre-money valuation of A$1,000,000 if you haven't raised a priced round yet.

Hear from our alumni

The EnergyLab accelerator has supported Bloom to go from MVP stage to launch and was a wonderful support throughout our capital raise. The program is not your basic startup program. The content is focused on helping you grow, find the right partners and business strategies. From start to finish, the program was well organised and each session brought us value. We have particularly appreciated the support of EnergyLab's genuine network of mentors, investors and industry professionals.

EnergyLab was a great experience overall. This includes the programme itself, the mentors, the topics; everything was relevant and very beneficial. However, the best experience was connecting with other like-minded founders, some at later stages of the journey, some at earlier stages. For us, the interactions with these founders were as helpful as the advice from the experienced mentors. EnergyLab was transformational for Allegro Energy...

EnergyLab's Climate Solutions Accelerator is a really good program with the right mix of learning, discussion, coaching and networking. I strongly recommend it!

It was a fantastic opportunity to expand our network and make new connections. The modules were well timed and all had relevant info that we found helpful.

The EnergyLab community has always been incredibly supportive - they are there to help when things are tough, and celebrate when things are great.

It was great to be in the company of the like-minded CleanTech and Energy entrepreneurs. The community was very important.

EnergyLab is staffed by smart people, they are growing rapidly and they have an extensive network of contacts. If you are a clean-tech startup founder and are looking to scale it don't go anywhere else!

EnergyLab's network of companies, mentors and staff is the best way to learn more about the Australian energy market while expanding your business!

The application process

Applying is easy. Simply fill in an application form and attend a couple of interviews.

Applications open

February 2024

The first step in the application process is to complete an online application form. Submit an expression of interest and we'll let you know when applications open for the next intake.

First round interviews

April 2024

Meet the EnergyLab team to discuss your application and how we can support your business. Interviews will be 20 minutes long and held online via Zoom.

Second round interviews

May 2024

Those who make it to the final round will be invited to pitch to the accelerator fund investors. These investors will vote on who to accept into the program.

Selection criteria

This is what we're looking for in successful applications but we're open-minded to high quality applicants who don't fit the mould. We're particularly interested in applications from women and minority groups.

Fast growth

Your business has to be ready to grow fast. We don't mind if your end goal is a unicorn exit or a profitable medium-sized business you continue to operate - as long as you can get there quickly. That probably means your solution is ready to deploy, you've completed customer validation and are ready to work on your business full time if you're not already. Consultancies, local business and project developers are unlikely to pass this test.

Address climate change

Your product or service has to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions or address the impacts of climate change, or enable others to do so. This includes a range of solutions including renewable energy, sustainable transport, alternative protein, carbon sequestration and land management. We will also consider startups that help address other environmental issues such as waste and biodiversity.

We can help

We aim to increase the growth rate of climate tech startups and decrease their failure rate. We believe we can support any startup but that requires founders who are looking to expand their network, have their ideas challenged, and learn from their peers.


You can participate in the program from anywhere in the Pacific Rim region. However, please note that most program activities will be run from 10am to 2pm Sydney time.

Possibly! We take a very broad view of climate tech and include any technology that is required to decarbonise the economy. Please email us and we'll tell you for sure.

No, we are happy to receive applications from solo founders.

We get it - you have limited time and need to prioritise. Head here to fill in a pre-application form. We'll get back to you when applications open to let you know if we think the program is a good fit and it's worth you submitting a full application.

Probably. This program is for startups ready for fast growth. If you haven't quit your day job yet then one of our membership offerings will probably suit you better.

Yes, the program comes with equity investment of ~A$80,000.

The post-money valuation of your latest priced round. If you haven't raised a priced round yet then we'll invest at a pre-money valuation of A$1,000,000.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions.