Start your entrepreneurial journey with WICEF

The Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship (WICEF) equips you with the skills, know-how and network to take the first steps in entrepreneurship. Over a twelve-week period, you'll be joined by a diverse group of future women entrepreneurs, mentors and role models to give you the knowledge and confidence to start your own climate or clean energy startup. The Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship costs $1200 per person and will next run online in 2022.

Key dates for 2021

  • Applications due: 16 May 2021
  • Interviews: 24 - 28 May 2021
  • Program runs: 7 June - 27 August 2021

Meet some of our alumni

Alina Dini, CEO and Founder, Whirl

Alina Dini, CEO and Founder, Whirl

Annalise Kerr, Sustainability and Resilience Consultant, AECOM

Annalise Kerr, Sustainability and Resilience Consultant, AECOM

Rio Richardson, Strategy Consultant, Future Super

Rio Richardson, Strategy Consultant, Future Super

Rosetta Mills, Experience Design Lead, Origin Energy

Rosetta Mills, Experience Design Lead, Origin Energy

Iyari Cevallos, Director, Drennan&Co Partners

Iyari Cevallos, Director, Drennan&Co Partners

Jun (Rossie) Rao, Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University

Jun (Rossie) Rao, Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University

Kate Hough, Senior Environmental Advisor, Powerlink

Kate Hough, Senior Environmental Advisor, Powerlink

Kate Osaze, Grid Connections Manager, ESCO Pacific

Kate Osaze, Grid Connections Manager, ESCO Pacific

Monishka Narayan, Program Manager, Centre for New Energy Technologies

Monishka Narayan, Program Manager, Centre for New Energy Technologies

Sanne Weekers, Project Manager, Epho

Sanne Weekers, Project Manager, Epho

Utkarshaa Varshney, Doctoral Researcher, UNSW

Utkarshaa Varshney, Doctoral Researcher, UNSW

Zoe Parkin, Senior Investment Associate, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Zoe Parkin, Senior Investment Associate, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Program benefits

Learn the foundations of entrepreneruship

What does it take to start a startup? Experts will cover topics such as ideation, customer validation, how to pitch and gain investment and strategies for resilience and fearless leadership.

Be inspired by other women founders

Learn from those who have gone before you. Successful entrepreneurs will share their founding stories, challenges they've faced and other advice and insights from the arena!

Build a solid support network

Surround yourself with people who'll cheer you on! Build a strong tight-knit community of fellow female founders, experts and mentors.

Dedicated mentorship

The program is supported by a group of dedicated mentors, who you'll have the opportunity to connect with one-on-one during the program mentor evening.

Support from an experienced team

EnergyLab has supported more cleantech founders than anyone else in Australia. During the program, you will receive one-on-one support from our Program Manager and touch base with our team.

Virtual membership

EnergyLab is home to the largest virtual community of energy entrepreneurs in Australia. Enjoy complementary virtual membership during the program, gaining access to our online platforms and benefits.

Pitch to cleantech investors

At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to showcase your startup progress to program mentors and cleantech investors and gather support to get you to the next stage.

Have the confidence to take the leap!

It's our mission to set you up for success. At the end of the fellowship, you'll have the knowledge, skills and support to take the leap and start your own thing.

Program mentors and presenters

Advice and support from successful entrepreneurs, investors and sector experts

Alex Houlston

Director and Co-Founder, BOOMPower

Alex McIntosh

Business Development and Transactions, ARENA

Alina Dini

CEO and Founder, Whirl

Andy Hill

Principal, Greenblue Consulting

Assem Ongarbayeva

Chief Strategy Officer, UPowr

Ben Hutt

CEO and Managing Director, Evergen

Bryan Rollins

Operator in Residence, Grok Ventures

Cam Taylor

Product Development, Simply Energy

Camille Socquet-Clerc

Founder and CEO, Bloom Impact Investing

Carola Jonas

CEO and Founder, Everty

Chris Thompson

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Amber Electric

Daniella Aburto Valle

Head of Business Consulting and Advisory Partnerships, Amazon ANZ

Darryn Pinto

CEO and Founder, Waste Ninja

Dennis Silvers

Managing Director, Prestige Business Consulting

Emma Jenkin

Co-Founder and Advisor, DC Power Co.

Gabby Lee-Sinclair

Senior Commercial Manager, KPMG High Growth Ventures

Gloria Chan

Executive Director, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Jodie Hallam

General Manager, Energy Services, Mondo

Katie Higgins

Startup Lawyer and Advisor, LUNA

Kim Lawrence

Advisory Panel, ARENA

Megan Fisher

CEO, EnergyLab

Kristin Vaughan

Director, Innovation Fund, CEFC

Kristy Battista

CTO, Allume Energy

Lucinda Hankin

Director of Private Investments, Grok Ventures

Marteen Burger

Co-Founder and Director, Jaunt Motors

Matt Stubbs

Director, Profergy

Melissa Chan

Investor, Family Office

Patrick Matweew

CEO, Redback Technologies

Patty Akopiantz

Co-Founder and Climate Investor, Assembly Climate Capital

Peter Lightbody

Special Counsel, FCW Lawyers

Renate Egan

Chair and Co-Founder, Solar Analytics

Solai Valliappan

Tech Investor, Tiger Financial Group

Steve Toomey

Managing Director, Creating Value Group

Stuart Allinson

Chair, Pontem Solutions

Terry Woodcroft

CEO and Co-Founder, Aurtra

Wendy Kozica

Investor, Scale Investors

Zivit Inbar

CEO and Founder, DifferenThinking

Zoe von Batenburg

Business Development and Transactions, ARENA

Program outline for 2021

Week 1 - Orientation

Tuesday 8 June

Meet the cohort, get to know each other, set goals and unpack what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Week 2 - Opportunities for Climate and Energy Startups

Tuesday 15 June

Learn about emerging climate and energy solutions, sector trends and areas that are ripe for disruption.

Week 3 - Climate and Energy Entrepreneurship

Tuesday 22 June

Learn more about the entrepreneurial process and the climate and clean energy startup ecosystem.

Week 4 - Ideation

Tuesday 29 June

Continue the ideation process! In this session, we'll use frameworks and tools to help you generate startup ideas.

Week 5 - Value Proposition and Customer Discovery

Tuesday 6 July

Learn how to craft a value proposition and start to validate your startup idea through customer discovery.

Week 6 - Founder Fireside Chat

Tuesday 13 July

Hear her story, ask for advice and learn tips, tools and tricks from a successful female founder who has gone before you!

Week 7 - Founder Fireside Chat

Tuesday 20 July

Our second fireside with a successful female entrepreneur in the climate and energy sector.

Week 8 - Pitch Preparation

Tuesday 27 July

Learn the art of the pitch: how to prepare, what to include in your pitch deck and get some practice to deliver a killer pitch.

Week 9 - Speed Networking

Tuesday 3 August

Meet one-on-one with our fellowship mentors who can offer suport, advice and introductions to help you on your journey.

Week 10 - Startup Legals and Capital Raising

Tuesday 10 August

Understand startup legal 101 and learn more about the capital raising journey of a startup.

Week 11 - Meet the Investors

Tuesday 17 August

Meet active cleantech and climate angel and venture capital investors to understand more about what they look for in early stage startups.

Week 12 - Graduation

Tuesday 24 August

Congratulations, that's a wrap! In our final session, we take the time to reflect on how far we've come and make goals for future progress.


It costs $1200 per person (including GST) to participate, charged upon acceptance into the program. We're a non-profit organisation and your contribution goes towards program delivery costs. The price includes:

  • 12 weekly workshops
  • Frameworks and course content you can keep and use again
  • Individual check-ins to help you work through challenges
  • 3 months of EnergyLab Virtual Membership

If you're not happy with the program, email us within a month of graduating and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

What our alumni have to say

For me, the WICEF Program was transformative. I had always been interested in innovation and start-ups, but lacked the courage and knowledge to contemplate going out on my own. After it, I am wiser, more open to the vulnerability of the process, and am clear in what methods I need to take to test my ideas. Plus, I now have an instant network of supporters to help me through it!

The WICEF experience is not a superficial networking opportunity. It's not reserved for clean energy experts. It's a community of passionate women who want to go against the grain, pursue entrepreneurship, inspire, and be inspired. This experience has not only exposed me to the initial steps for developing a startup but has empowered me with the confidence to actively pursue my idea and support the global transition to a zero-carbon world.

The WICEF Program has helped me gather the answers I needed to get going on my clean energy start up - and most importantly confirmed that I can take on the climate change challenge. Full of impressive guest speakers and sound advice - what was most memorable was the energy this program has given me to keep moving forward. If you're looking for key insights into clean energy disruption, entrepreneurial skills and understanding the startup journey - this is the program for you.

EnergyLab have thoughtfully curated an experience for women interested in clean energy entrepreneurship. This program covers key topics every up and coming start-up should be aware of and provides tools and resources for taking the first steps. It also offers unique opportunities to meet founders of some of the most successful start-ups in the clean energy space in a setting that is relaxing and fosters genuine collaboration.

WICEF has been a very enticing journey. I went into the fellowship without an idea or expectation and came out of it with a co-founder and a startup idea. A wide range of topics and speakers provided a good platform for learning the unknown. Highly recommended!! To future WICEF-ers, go with an open mind and be ready to have fun!

Thanks EnergyLab for creating such a safe, inclusive, and positive environment for our diverse group to push our understanding of who we are and what we're capable of. I came into this experience not sure whether or not I was smart enough/capable enough/resilient enough to found a company and 3 months later I've been taught some amazing techniques to overcome imposter syndrome, round out my skills in entrepreneurship and build an amazing network of like-minded women. Killing it!!!

How to apply

Applications for our 2021 intake are closed. Please Fill out an Expression of Interest form to be notified when applications open for our 2022 intake.



The first step in the process is to fill in a short online application form.



Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with the Program Manager, Milly Young. Interviews will be 20 minutes long and held online via a Zoom video call.



We'll aim to send out offers to join the program shortly after the interviews are complete.

Selection criteria

Climate focus

You must have an interest in climate mitigation.

Innovative drive

The ideal candidate is interested in launching their own startups, but we're also happy to receive applications from individuals interested in applying more innovative thinking to their existing organisations.

Valuable experience

We aim to bring together a diverse group of participants who each have valuable experience and expertise to contribute to group discussions.


The fellowship will run completely online via video conference.

A series of events will take place over 12 weeks in 2022. The sessions will run for 1-2 hours each week for 12 weeks.

The fellowship cost is $1200 per participant, including GST. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Milly if the cost of the program is prohibitive. We don't want money to be the reason you can't take the first step toward your entrepreneurial dreams.

No - we encourage diversity of experience. All you need is an interest in climate and energy entrepreneurship!

No. The aim of this fellowship is to give you the know-how, tools and confidence to step down the entrepreneurial path. If you already have a startup idea, that's a bonus!

Between 15 and 25 women will be invited to join the fellowship. We keep the group small so we can create an open, safe environment and provide personalised attention to each participant.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions.