Free capital-raising support for clean energy and climate tech startups

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you don't just need capital, you also need experienced partners who understand what you're trying to achieve. EnergyLab has built a unique - and completely free - process for matching founders with investors who believe in the importance and potential of clean energy and climate tech startups.

Companies we've invested in

Why raise with us

EnergyLab's angel group is uniquely positioned to help cleantech startups succeed.

Reach funding targets

EnergyLab is attracting new investors to the cleantech sector, increasing the chances of you reaching your fundraising targets.

Investors with experience

When our angel group invests in your business, you will receive much more than capital. You will receive values-aligned investors with relevant contacts and expertise dedicated to helping you succeed.

Success rate

Traditional investors and investment groups often shy away from cleantech startups. Our members are actively seeking cleantech startups to invest in, ensuring you receive a positive reception.


We've built a founder-friendly process that gives you full control over who sees your pitch materials and who you take investment from.

How the process works

We've streamlined the process of receiving investment from our angel investors. Here's what you need to do.

Submit an application

Step one is to submit a deck, recorded version of your pitch and the details of your capital raise to us. If selected, a high level summary of your investment opportunity will be passed on to our angel network for their consideration.

Vet investors

If an investor is interested in learning more then we'll send you their profile information and ask your permission before passing on your pitch deck, pitch video and deal details.

Engage with investors

After reviewing your pitch materials, interested investors will reach out to ask more questions. We'll help investors share notes so you don't have to answer the same question too many times.


Nothing! Keep your scarce cash and equity for growing your business.

How to apply

Just fill in a form; no interview required.

Fill in an online form

The first step is to submit an application. This will require uploading a pitch deck and recording of a 5-10 minute pitch, as well as answering some questions about your capital raise.

Incorporate feedback

If we think your chances of success with our angel group can be significantly improved with some changes to your application, we'll provide you with feedback and ask you to update it before passing it on to our investors.

Approve investors

After your application has been accepted, you'll start to receive requests from investors to access your application materials. You will have full control to accept or politely decline these requests.

What we're looking for

EnergyLab's angel investors back Australia and New Zealand's most promising cleantech startups.


Your startup will have a positive environmental impact, such as by facilitating renewable energy uptake or reducing waste.


Your small business has the potential to become a very large one relatively quickly. You're not a consultancy, non-profit or local business.


You've achieved customer validation, ideally are generating revenue, and are raising $100,000 to $1,000,000 at a $1-10 million valuation.


You have intellectual property, experience, talent and/or insight that will give you an unfair advantage over the competition.


Yes, you do. We only send a high level summary to investors and then ask your permission before sharing more information.

Absolutely. We'll check with you before sharing your capital raising details with an investor and then it's entirely up to you how far you take the relationship.

Absolutely nothing. EnergyLab does not charge startups fees to apply or pitch to our angel group and we don't take a cut of the funds you raise.

Yes, as long as you operate in Australia or New Zealand.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions.