Want to invest in ANZ's most promising cleantech startups?

At EnergyLab, we are privileged to work with the best cleantech startups in Australia and New Zealand. We run the region's largest cleantech acceleration program and are the first port of call for most cleantech startups looking to raise capital. As a result, we have an unparalleled deal flow that we're happy to share with you for free.

Companies we've invested in


Specialised and high quality dealflow

Our connection to ANZ's best cleantech startups means we're able to provide investment opportunities of consistently high quality.

Diverse and experienced network

Our angel group includes members with a diverse range of experience and expertise, and is growing constantly.

No fees, no cut, free to join

There are no costs involved in joining EnergyLab's angel group; we coordinate the group free-of-charge for the benefit of the cleantech community.

How it works

We find quality cleantech startups

Through our programs, events, outreach and referral network we come into contact with most cleantech startups in Australia and New Zealand. We'll encourage those raising capital to submit an application and pass on the ones we think are worth your attention.

Receive regular updates

As soon as a deal is ready, we'll pass it on to you via our online portal, Slack group and monthly investor update email. You'll receive a high level summary and will be able to request more information with the click of a button.

Review pitch materials

After receiving permission from the founder, we'll send you their pitch video, pitch deck and deal summary for you to review at your leisure. No need to wait for a pitch night; watch the pitch whenever (and at whatever speed) you want.

Conduct due diligence

You'll be provided the founder's contact details so you can reach out directly to learn more. You'll also be added to a private Slack group with other interested investors so you can collaborate if you wish.

Free to join

The group is free to join and we don't take a cut. We only ask that you let us know if you invest in a startup you discover through our platform.

How to join

Applying to join EnergyLab's angel group is easy - simply fill out a short application form and we'll be in touch to discuss your fit with the group.

Fill in an online form

The first step is to fill in an application. You'll be asked to set up an account and profile, if you haven't already, before answering a few questions about your investing preferences.

Answer a call

If it looks like you could be a good fit for the group, our Angel Group Manager will call to give you an overview of how the group works and answer any questions you have.

Receive access

If we mutually agree you're a good fit for the group, you'll be connected to the investor network on Slack, receive instant access to current deals and start receiving notification of new deals.

Who we're looking for

If this sounds like you then we hope you'll apply!

You want to support cleantech startups

EnergyLab's angel group is dedicated to supporting businesses with high growth potential that have a positive environmental impact through investment and ongoing support as advisers.

You want to invest in startups based in Australia or New Zealand

We currently only support startups incorporated or operating in Australia or New Zealand. Investors don't need to be based in the region, but you do need to have an interest in investing in it.

You're able to invest at least $10,000

Accepting less than $10,000 per investor is usually more effort than it's worth for the best entrepreneurs. If that's not within your reach, we would recommend investing through crowdfunding platforms such as Birchal.


No and no. It's free for investors to join, it's free for startups to apply, and we don't take a cut of any of the deals. This is a service EnergyLab provides for the benefit of the cleantech startup and investor community.

For sure. You're free to deal directly with the founder or invest as a group with other members.

No. You can participate in the group just through email if you want, or just by occassionally logging in to our online platform. However, Slack is the best way to meet other investors.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions.