Calling for startups, entrepreneurs and visionary teams to join us and build the future of the Australian lithium battery value chain as we launch the second annual Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge, “Retrofit Nation”

With its capacity for massive near-term climate, transportation, jobs and battery production impact, we’re focused on supercharging change in the transport sector, with a call for projects that think big on ways to achieve the fast conversion of half the Australian vehicle fleet to EV’s - over 10 million vehicles. Supercharge Australia, a partnership between EnergyLab and New Energy Nexus, is developing a supportive ecosystem for lithium battery innovation allowing more value to be captured across the supply chain. Participants in our inaugural challenge have raised over $40 million in additional funding; in Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge #2: Retrofit Nation, we hope to uncover more opportunities for rapid support and growth for Australian solutions.

Key Dates - coming soon.....

Program Overview

The cohort of 8-12 startups will be matched with mentors throughout the lithium battery and startup ecosystems including investors, industry and technical experts and experienced founders for a six-week, highly personalised acceleration experience. Startups will hear from selected speakers, receive pitch coaching and connect with one another to share challenges, successes and potential synergies to encourage the collaboration that is required to bolster a strong and supportive ecosystem.

Program Benefits

Following the support offered during the challenge, startups will meet with a panel of highly qualified Australian and international judges for a pitch, interview and Q&A. At the inaugural Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge Awards, the startups will pitch to an audience filled with active participants in the ecosystem with the group of exceptional startups announced as the winners.

Accelerate with dedicated mentorship

You'll be matched with experienced mentors in the EV, advanced manufacturing, lithium battery startup ecosystems including investors, industry and technical experts and experienced founders.

Exposure to active investors

You will hear from experienced investors that are active within this space and have expertise in scaling up startups.

Extensive public exposure

Throughout the program we will use our social media channels to give you a platform to promote your business. The program will culminate in an awards event where you will have the opportunity to pitch to an audience that is active in this space.

Cohort of like-minded founders

You will join a cohort of innovative startups giving you the opportunity to learn from and support one other, find synergies and discuss shared challenges.

Pitch coaching

In the lead-up to the Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge Awards, you will receive expert pitch coaching and feedback from a communication and pitching expert specialising in the startup space.

A dedicated support team

You will touch base with the team at Supercharge Australia regularly to discuss how we can further support you.

Startup Focus

We call for startups, entrepreneurs and innovative teams

Focusing on:

- Faster, cleaner production at greater scale;

- Accelerated decarbonisation; and

- Significant long-term economic outcomes for Australia

This will take not one but many solutions, hopefully including your startup!

Solutions may include:

- Deep tech;

- Software innovation; or

- Novel business processes

Solutions need to be focused on the mass EV Retrofit opportunity

Covering any phase including:

Covering any segment including:

- Heavy Commercial through industrial to light passenger

- Supporting Components

- Charging Infrastructure to accelerate V2G

This list is not exhaustive, nor restrictive, and we can encourage any startups working within Mass EV Retrofitting to apply!


  • Cash prizes;
  • One year of access to EnergyLab’s Sydney coworking space;
  • 1:1 meetings with Danny Kennedy and Megan Fisher, CEO of EnergyLab; and
  • More to be announced.

How to apply

Expressions of Interest are open now.


Head to these links for more information on Supercharge Australia and New Energy Nexus.

Yes, you can participate in the program from anywhere in the world. However, we are looking for startups that are Australia-based or have a presence in Australia and are aiming to make that presence significant. Please note that any cohort activities will be run between 9am - 5pm AEDT. Your Founder/CEO will also be required to be in Sydney to pitch at the Innovation Challenge Awards.

Possibly! We are taking a very broad view of technologies applicable to the Australian lithium battery supply chain, so if you are solving problems in the industry including supporting cleaner production, decarbonisation and increasing economic outcomes for Australia, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re still unsure if you’re a good fit for the challenge, please complete an expression of interest form and we’ll tell you for sure.

No. Your business can be registered anywhere in the world. If you’re not an Australian company, our only requirement is that you currently have a presence in Australia with the intention of having a significant presence in Australia.

No, the program is free; we don’t charge cash or equity for participation.

There are cash prizes available to the winning startups. We'll also introduce you to active investors in the ecosystem.

No. All sessions and mentoring will be available online. If you and your mentor are located in the same area, we encourage you to meet up. Your founder or CEO will be required to be in Sydney for the Innovation Challenge Awards.

Only one, as long as that person is a founder or CEO. In addition to this person, you're welcome to invite up to two other team members to participate.

The expected time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours per week for six weeks. The Innovation Challenge will include meeting with your mentor/s once a week for an hour at a time decided between the startup and mentor. There will also be one group session per week lasting 1-2 hours.

The Innovation Challenge cohort will be made up of 8-12 startups.

We respect that you have limited time and need to prioritise. That's why we have a quick to fill in expression of interest form that only takes a few minutes to fill out. We will use your answers to determine whether our Innovation Challenge can help you achieve your goals.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions.