Fees for investing through EnergyLab Angels


EnergyLab Angels collaborates with Impact Ventures to facilitate investments in climate tech startups. This agreement outlines the fee structure and conditions applicable to members investing through EnergyLab Angels.

EnergyLab and Impact Ventures: Roles and Responsibilities

  • EnergyLab: EnergyLab operates a network of angel investors focused on supporting startups that address climate and environmental challenges. EnergyLab provides the platform and community for investors to identify and engage with potential investment opportunities.
  • Impact Ventures: Impact Ventures is the fund management partner responsible for the financial administration and management of investments made through EnergyLab Angels. They handle the specifics of transaction processing, fee collection, and distribution of returns, ensuring that financial dealings are executed smoothly and transparently.

Fee Structure

  • Carried Interest: Impact Ventures charges a 20% carried interest on all investments. This fee is calculated from the profits of investments, aligning their interests with those of our investors.
  • Management Fees: No management fees are charged by either EnergyLab or Impact Ventures. This policy keeps the investment process economical for our members.
  • Transaction Fees: No transaction fees are charged on investments of A$5,000 or more. Investments between A$1,000 and A$5,000 attract a A$100 transaction fee. Investments less than A$1,000 attract a A$200 transaction fee.

Investor Eligibility

  • Sophisticated or Wholesale Investors: Only sophisticated or wholesale investors are eligible to participate in syndicated investments, in accordance with financial regulations.
  • Retail Investors: We are explicitly prohibited by law from syndicating investments or charging fees to retail investors. Should a retail investor express interest in a startup, EnergyLab may facilitate an introduction to the founder. However, any potential investment would be at the discretion and consent of the founder. It is important to note that such opportunities are typically reserved for large investors or those who can offer significant non-financial value to the startup.

Investment Limitations

  • Minimum Investment Amounts: To align with founders' preferences for consolidated investment sums, very small amounts may not be accepted.
  • Mandatory Checks: All investors wishing to participate in investment opportunities through EnergyLab Angels must cooperate fully with Impact Ventures to undergo Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. These checks are crucial for maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring the integrity of our investment platform.


By investing through EnergyLab Angels, members acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this fee structure. Our framework is designed to ensure a transparent, fair, and supportive environment for our investment community