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This month, we're delighted to officially welcome eleven of the world's most innovative energy startups into our Scaleup Program for 2022

From network digitisation to consumer engagement and electric vehicle adoption, the technologies developed by the companies in this year's cohort all hold exciting potential to decarbonise the energy sector. Our 2022 cohort members are:

Amber Kinetics (Australia): Amber Kinetics is the industry-leader in manufacturing grid-scale kinetic energy storage systems (KESS). As the only provider of long-duration flywheel energy storage, Amber Kinetics extends the duration and efficiency of flywheels from minutes to hours—resulting in safe, economical and reliable energy storage.

Bia (Spain): Bia has developed a hardware agnostic EV charging platform that can simulate and forecast EV charging loads, optimize charging and provide business insights to ensure efficient and strategic growth in EV charging. Bia's optimization tool delivers financial and operational benefits through lower energy costs, smoother load curves, greener charging and grid services. All Bia tools can be integrated into native systems via API or accessed via Bia dashboard. Bia works with fleets, multi-use parking sites, municipalities and utilities.

encoord (USA): encoord is an American-German software company with the mission of enabling the decarbonization of energy systems. encoord’s core technology is the Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt), a software platform that models energy networks and markets. SAInt is a unique modeling tool because it allows users to model coupled energy networks (such as gas and electric networks). encoord was founded in 2018, but SAInt's beginnings stem from co-founder and CTO Kwabena Pambour's Ph.D. thesis in 2013. SAInt is now commercially available and used by and for governments, network operators, utilities, and research organizations throughout 10 countries.

Enging (Portugal): Enging provides Electric Machines Condition Monitoring, predictive maintenance, fault detection and on-line, real-time assessments in any industrial or energy process. Enging pinpoints faults in rotating machines, transformers, wind turbines, solar PV farms, battery storage systems and power electronics drives to maximize operational availability and reliability. The monitoring system uses state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques developed by Enging, to perform the detection of frequent faults and the evaluation of the fault´s severity level in this type of assets. It is an advance solution that allows to perform predictive maintenance actions. (UK):’s mission is simple: to make EV charging easier, greener and cheaper. Our software intelligently manages EV charging for more than 70,000 drivers worldwide. Operating in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, offers a software platform that directly manages charging on with a growing list of home chargers and vehicles.

The Good Car Company (Australia): The Good Car Company is an affordable electric vehicle marketplace with a mission to decarbonise transport and energy. We provide both affordablity and access to a wide range electric vehicles and complementary products. Innovation, education and community engagment are at the core of our business.

IONATE (UK): IONATE works to transform power systems through deep-tech innovation. Its Hybrid Intelligent Transformers equip key electricity players with the data and power flow control they need for a fundamentally future-proof energy transition.

IOTE2E (South Korea): Provides very-long-range, non-line-of-sight, industrial class IoT Data Links and next-level Smart Service Platforms for Smart Energy and Smart Cities.

Pix Force (Brazil): Pix Force develops solutions for interpreting images and videos automatically - we process the images cheaper, faster, and more precisely than traditional human-based systems. By applying artificial intelligence to computer vision, Pix Force transforms images obtained by cameras, drones, and satellites into valuable information and data. Our algorithms are able to process any type of image (RGB, infrared, hyperspectral, radar, or LiDAR).

Village Energy (Australia): Village Energy takes consumer energy resources and makes them available to the energy grid in a way that benefits the grid and the consumer, while still keeping the consumer empowered and in control. The experience is automated, making it seamless for the consumer and saving end-to-end cost for retailers and network operators.

Voltaware (UK): Voltaware is changing the way customers interact with their energy use - helping them save energy and align with their greener goals. Using electricity data and our AI-driven NILM algorithms, we offer ready-to-integrate digital products at the core of your customer needs:- Becoming more energy efficient- Identifying inefficient / failing appliances- Increasing safety & security- Monitoring elderly non-intrusivelyAll our insights are white-labelled so you can offer a unified experience, reduce churn and unlock upselling opportunities. We use data from smart meters or from our own credit-card sized sensors.

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