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This week, we dive into Amber Kinetics, Bia, and IOTE2E, who are all building some exciting products and technologies that will be crucial to our energy networks. A diverse range of technologies have been recognised as being necessary for our energy infrastructure to grow in the right direction. Each of these companies are operating at the forefront of their fields blending software and hardware to increase our EV, battery, and smart city capabilities. Get your free tickets for this year's Scaleup Program Showcase event to see them live!

Amber Kinetics

Amber Kinetics is the industry-leader in manufacturing grid-scale kinetic energy storage systems (KESS). As the only provider of long-duration flywheel energy storage, Amber Kinetics extends the duration and efficiency of flywheels from minutes to hours—resulting in safe, economical and reliable energy storage.

Our experience with the Energy Lab Scaleup program is great and very value adding. We have been introduced to a wide variety of relevant companies in our field and have had several follow up meetings since the program. All in all a very positive experience to date.


Bia manages and optimizes electric vehicle charging loads for e-fleets, e-buses, multiuse parking sites and utilities. We deliver financial and operational benefits through lower energy costs, smoother load curves, greener charging and grid services. All Bia tools can be integrated into native systems via API or accessed through our dashboard. Bia's hardware agnostic platform simulates, forecasts and optimises EV charging loads while delivering day to day operational efficiencies and strategic business insights. 

The EnergyLab Scaleup program provided key commercial opportunities to network within the Australian energy industry that have resulted in planning for future projects. EnergyLab facilitated strong connections with Transgrid, AmberElectric, FRV, TasNetworks and  EndeavourEnergy.


IOTE2E is a Californian based wireless IoT data links and smart service platform company founded in 2008 operating in the United States, South Korea, and France. We provide utilities, cities, villages, farms, logistics and factories with next generation, powerful wireless IoT data links that seamlessly provide highly reliable wireless data connectivity and faster asset control, robustly overcoming hard-to-reach communication shadow area despite non-line-of-sight, weak signal, interference, congestion, and latency, on-going obstacles in the smart industry.

IOTE2E’s smart service platform is based on very-long-range (VLS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless private networks that allows smart industries to dramatically save CAPEX and OPEX, expand business domain, and manage a large number of business infrastructure rapidly and reliably in wide, remote areas and urban/underground environments. Our ZIO LINKS product is a purpose-built and customized wireless IoT network based smart service platform for utilities and smart industries and for measuring, monitoring, and managing business infrastructure with quick command and control for smart business processes, production, customer service, and new insight.

EnergyLab's Scaleup 2022 has been the best program that we have ever participated in for IOTE2E growth. We love the program’s structure, contents, and strong network with lots of partners, cohort, and coaches. We are excited at the quality opportunities and the many possibilities. We appreciate the entire EnergyLab team and its strong leadership. Thank you!

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