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As we approach the culmination of the Scaleup Program, we're thrilled to be able to share profiles on the remaining members of our cohort this year - encoord, Enging, IONATE, and Pix Force. Each of these startups are creating new and innovative technologies needed to plan for, build, and maintain the grid infrastructure needed for tomorrow's energy landscape.


Energy networks and markets are suffering. Rapid change creates planning challenges. A changing landscape of aggressive environmental goals and new technologies impacts every energy company. They are all experiencing rapid change and need better tools to plan their future effectively. encoord delivers the software solution built to meet this need.

EnergyLab, and the partners of the Energy Scaleup Program, know the challenges the Australian energy markets face. When encoord was identified as a company that could help meet these challenges and asked to join the Program, we knew it would be a great opportunity. The knowledge and experience we gained and the relationships we formed have been unique.

The program allowed encoord to learn from the EnergyLab Partners about specific challenges and where our tools can help. We are now building on the relationships created during the Program and discover how we can take action to help make positive change.


Enging created innovative solutions for predictive maintenance that are able not only to detect, but also to pinpoint the exact location of degradation/incipient faults in the operating conditions of electric machines: transformers, motors, pumps and power electronics.

Exclusively based on the acquisition of electric variables and based in a deterministic mathematical algorithm,  Enging applies a completely non invasive approach that does not need historical data or learning periods to reach accurate results.


IONATE transforms power systems through deep-tech R&D. Our hardware-software innovation arms key energy players with real-time visibility and control. The device is the Hybrid Intelligent Transformer (HIT): just like a transformer, it integrates into distribution substations, renewable generators, or storage assets, and immediately resolves critical power-flow issues locally. But once deployed, a network of HITs, coordinated by IONATE’s platform enables an intrinsically flexible grid ready for the low-carbon energy transition.

Joining EnergyLab’s collaborative ecosystem has unlocked fantastic opportunities for IONATE. We received expert mentoring and begun discussions with some of Australia’s most forward-looking energy companies. We are finishing the programme on a high note, having recently completed a $5.6 million seed fundraising, but with eyes already on the future.

Pix Force

Pix Force develops solutions for interpreting images and videos automatically - we process the images cheaper, faster, and more precisely than traditional human-based systems. By applying artificial intelligence to computer vision, Pix Force transforms images obtained by cameras, drones, and satellites into valuable information and data. Our algorithms are able to process any type of image (RGB, infrared, hyperspectral, radar, or LiDAR).

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