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After a highly competitive selection process, ten startups from across Australia and New Zealand have joined EnergyLab’s 2023 Climate Solutions Accelerator to get the support they need to deploy their innovative technology at scale.

The new cohort kicked off the program only a few weeks after 2022 accelerator alumni, Allegro Energy, announced a $4m investment from Origin Energy, alongside a pilot of their technology at Eraring Power Station.

Allegro Energy’s CEO, Thomas Naan, said of last year’s program:

"EnergyLab was a great experience overall. This includes the programme itself, the mentors, the topics; everything was relevant and very beneficial. However, the best experience was connecting with other like-minded founders, some at later stages of the journey, some at earlier stages. For us, the interactions with these founders were as helpful as the advice from the experienced mentors.”

“EnergyLab was transformational for Allegro Energy and we are grateful to have been able to participate in this outstanding programme."

Selected by a committee of angel investors, the ten companies selected for EnergyLab’s 2023 intake have just kicked off the 6-month program to accelerate the deployment of their climate solutions in Australia and overseas.

"The process of selecting the 2023 startup cohort really highlights the increasing maturity of the clean energy and climate tech startup ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand. The technologies and intellectual property being developed by these startups is remarkable. This year's cohort is working on everything from low emissions aviation and steel production to more effective management of wind and solar resources to the much needed capability to recycle solar panels and batteries at the end of life. This program will support these startups to get to their next level of growth, ready to take these essential solutions to the world." - Megan Fisher, CEO, EnergyLab.

The ten startups selected for the 2023 program:

Bygen is the world's first producer of sustainable and tailored activated carbon. They enable the low-cost and carbon-negative production of a vital material that is widely used in water treatment, precious metal recovery, and energy storage.

"We're really looking forward to being a part of this EnergLab cohort. In terms of high-quality mentoring, support in business development, and expanding our network in the ClimateTech space, it was a no-brainer for us to apply. Learning from other founders and peers in this space will also be invaluable for our company" - Lewis Dunnigan, CEO, Bygen.

Orkestra is reinventing feasibility analysis for new energy projects making it easy, fast and accurate. Orkestra'a cloud-based software empowers teams to sell, consult and invest in commercial and industrial solar, batteries and EV charger projects, thus removing significant barriers to growth and investment in new energy.

"Orkestra is now used by nearly every Tier 1 and 2 energy company and solar installer in Australia selling commercial solar and battery solutions. We see EnergyLab as a critical enabler in assisting Orkestra to expand to overseas markets." - James Allston, Co-CEO, Orkestra.

Renewable Metals' mission is to turn battery waste into battery metal. Their novel process and technology recovers critical metals like lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper from end-of-life and scrap batteries.

“Looking forward to the workshops on partnerships and international expansion and incorporating the learnings as we scale up from our pilot phase.” - Luan Atkinson, CEO, Renewable Metals.

ElecSome is setting up the first solar panel upcycling plant in Australia, with patented tech in association with the Department of Industry, The University of Melbourne and RMIT. Their mission is to manage the 78 million metric tons of solar waste produced globally.

“Resource recovery and upcycling is the next gen mining and a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. At the same time, it’s our responsibility to have an effective solution for solar waste in place for future generations. With the EnergyLab team’s help we are aiming to educate and motivate all via a global network to promote responsible upcycling and resource recovery.” - Neeraj Das, Managing Director, ElecSome.

TasmanIon develops aluminium-ion battery technology, offering a safe, sustainable, and more cost-effective alternative to current technologies such as lithium-ion.

"As a young startup, we look forward to the program, and finding the right strategies to take TasmanIon to new heights in the battery industry. Networking with the Cleantech community will be crucial for us to understand the requirements at the global level!" - Shalini Divya, CEO, TasmanIon.

Savic Motorcycles is Australia's own high-performance electric motorcycle manufacturer, leading the charge in the electric mobility revolution. Their innovative approach to design and engineering results in sleek and powerful two-wheeled e-mobility solutions, breaking free from traditional limitations and offering sustainable solutions for riders everywhere.

"Being part of the Climate Solutions Accelerator is an incredible opportunity, as it not only provides vital investment but also connects me with top climate tech investors in Australia. Moreover, having the support of EnergyLab's extensive network of mentors, investors, and industry professionals is invaluable, and I'm determined to make a meaningful difference with their guidance. I'm truly grateful for being selected for this accelerator and excited to embark on this journey alongside fellow founders." - Dennis Savic, CEO, Savic Motorcycles.

Perl Street provides financial asset management for clean and distributed physical infrastructure assets such as solar PVs, batteries, EV charging networks, and EVs. These emerging assets require fit-for-purpose financial management tools to scale. Perl Street technology significantly reduces soft costs and overheads by managing all the financial, legal, regulatory, accounting, tax, reporting & other items in a unified and integrated way. It provides one system of records and enhances data quality by having information collated, managed, analyzed & used for decision-making.

"Australia presents a significant market opportunity for Perl Street. Australia has some of the highest deployments of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar rooftops, in the world. AEMO forecasts DERs to generate 25% of Australia’s power by 2040. Perl Street sees Energy Lab as the best partner to provide the critical technologies to meet these demands." - Tooraj Arvajeh, CEO, Perl Street.

Dovetail Electric Aviation makes zero emissions commercial aviation possible by developing, certifying and distributing electric powered propulsion systems for existing commuter aircraft and converting legacy aircraft into electric, reducing operations costs along the way.

Emmi provides financial institutions the net zero toolkit they need to explore the impact of carbon on the value of their portfolio, then navigate the transition to net zero with confidence.

Pyrochar is scaling a proven technology to produce net-zero metallurgical char that will replace coal/coke in the primary metals industry. Initially developed by CSIRO, their patented technology enables self-sustaining pyrolysis for metallurgical use.

EnergyLab’s Climate Solutions Accelerator provides the best climate tech startups with all the support they need to reach their potential. Along with an initial investment, help comes in the form of coaching, industry partnerships and assistance in raising further capital to expedite their growth in Australia and overseas.

If you would like to connect with any of the startups from the Energylab Climate Solutions Accelerator, contact the program manager.

EnergyLab is taking expressions of interest for the 2024 Climate Solutions Accelerator - enter your contact details to be notified when applications open.

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