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For the first time ever, Australia’s largest clean energy event, All-Energy Australia, hosted a Start-Up Showcase presented by EnergyLab, where Australia's brightest clean energy start-ups were showcased.

The Startup Showcase at All-Energy Australia hosted some of the country’s most exciting clean energy start-ups including Open Solar, Roev, UPowr, Novalith and Allegro Energy. During the first session the audience was treated to a panel entitled Energy Startups Helping to Change the Face of Energy in Australia. With panelists:

Sam Ringwaldt - CEO Conry Tech

Alan Hunter - Founder and CEO, National Renewable Network and

Marija Petkovic - Founder and Managing Director, Energy Synapse

moderated by Megan Fisher - CEO, EnergyLab.

The discussions included their founder journey, their big vision for their startup, some of the obstacles they were facing and recent wins.

Followed by a keynote called Startups and Australia’s generational opportunity in the Lithium Battery Value Chain presented by Noah Wasmer -  CEO & Co-founder, Roev. Noah spoke with passion about why we need to decarbonise and the opportunity Australia has available as the transport sector is electrified.

After the break the theatre was very close to standing room only, first up was a panel discussing Startups and Australia's generational opportunity in the lithium battery value chain. The experts were:

Merrill Gray - Head of Recycling, incl. Primobius GmbH JV, Neometals Limited,

Andrew Mackenzie - Director, Envirostream Australia Pty. Ltd,

Steven Vassiloudis - CEO & Founder, Novalith

and moderator: Kirk McDonald - Project Manager Supercharge Australia, EnergyLab and New Energy Nexus.

Kirk kicked off the panel introducing Supercharge Australia a new initiative from EnergyLab and New Energy Nexus that is focused on building an innovation ecosystem to produce more value throughout Australia's lithium battery supply chain. The panel then shared some incredible data on the lithium and how demand is expected to change over time they also outlined how Australia can play a much bigger role in the lithium value chain from processing to manufacturing and recycling.

The showcase finalise was 9 pitches from:

Adam Pryor - CoFounder, OpenSolar

Mike Wishart - CEO, EcoJoule

Matthew Forrest - Founder, Economical Energy

Brendan Whelan - Head of Product, UPowr

Jarman Stephens - Founder, gridmo

Howard Leong - GM Business Development, Key Energy

Simon Helm - Business Development Manager, Village Energy

Doug Hartmann - Director, Hart Bioenergy

Fraser Hughson - Co-Founder and CTO, Allegro Energy

One member of the audience from Cleanco (QLD) shared on LinkedIn "It's been great attending the All-Energy Australia renewable energy exhibition & conference over the past two days...While there have been many amazing panels and presentations, without a doubt my favourite session has been the EnergyLab Clean Energy & Climate Tech Startup Showcase. Noah Wasmer from Roev put it well when thanking the panel (Marija Petkovic from Energy Synapse, Sam Ringwaldt from Conry Tech and Alan Hunter from NRN - National Renewable Network): "you're looking at some of the leaders of the future energy sector". Getting exposure to their insights and learnings about the challenges and opportunities that come with running a startup in the energy industry was invaluable"

Thanks to All Energy-Australia for inviting us to present the Startup Showcase.

And a very big thank you to all the speakers, panelists and pitchers for joining us and sharing your incredible insights into the fast paced world of clean energy technology innovation.

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