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GHD, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, has formed a partnership with EnergyLab, Australia and New Zealand's largest climate tech startup accelerator and innovation network. EnergyLab is dedicated to accelerating the transition to net zero emissions by connecting startup founders to the mentors, advisors, partners, peers and investors they need to succeed.

As an EnergyLab partner, GHD will contribute its expertise to the network across a wide variety of science, technology and engineering fields. Technical specialists from across the entire GHD business, including members from the GHD Digital and GHD Advisory practices, will collaborate with the network offering technical and market insights.

GHD will also engage and participate with EnergyLab’s Women in Climate and Energy Fellowship and cooperate with startups in its Climate Solutions Accelerator and Scaleup Program.

As a further level of support, GHD will provide two mentors to the EnergyLab network: Robert Ceic, Technical Leader - Power Generation & Renewable Energy, and Sarah FitzGerald, Future Energy Leader, Tasmania.

“GHD recognises the scale of effort and investment required to reach net zero,” said Sarah. “This transformation is not just about industry, it’s about communities and economies. Sustainability, affordability and accessibility are all vital elements to consider”.

Robert added, “We’re thrilled to be able to support this network to foster innovation and encourage investment in greener technologies and lifestyles. It’s in this context that organisations such as EnergyLab have a critical role to play in accelerating the transition”.

Megan Fisher, EnergyLab’s CEO, confirmed the importance of the partnership, “Collaboration is essential to help solve the challenges of implementing the new technologies and business solutions required to reach net zero emissions, and EnergyLab is delighted to welcome GHD as a new Technical Partner. EnergyLab identifies and supports the most high-impact energy and climate tech startups in Australia and overseas and they will benefit immensely from the opportunity to collaborate with and receive input from the experts at GHD.”

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