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EnergyLab along with its program partners TasNetworks, Definium Technologies, and the Tasmanian Government have selected six smart energy companies to prototype and deploy a new IoT product in just three months. The program welcomes companies with ideas spanning from demand response solutions to electric vehicles to energy monitoring.

"We were delighted by the quality and maturity of applications to this program," said James Tilbury, EnergyLab CEO, "The founders chosen to participate have already proven themselves capable of deploying innovative solutions in difficult sectors so we're looking forward to seeing what we can help them achieve next."

Delivered by EnergyLab and starting February 3, the Smart Energy Accelerator Program will provide access to Definium Technologies capabilities to build prototypes, business coaching, and opportunities with local partners to explore potential trial deployments.

From Honolulu to Toronto, the world's best smart energy ideas selected for this unique Program including Australian award-winning company Wattwatchers

Wattwatchers, an energy management technology company, will participate in the program to gain a fresh perspective on retrofit installations.

"'EnergyLab's Smart Energy & IoT Accelerator in Launceston presents an exciting opportunity for Wattwatchers to take a fresh look at monitoring for home energy management, to find new ways to address cost and complexity, especially for retrofit installations. We needed an IoT path to explore these challenges, and collaboration with EnergyLab, TasNetworks and Definium Technologies opens up a range of hardware, software, and communications possibilities. This includes LoRaWAN, one of the world's leading narrowband options, that is gaining traction in Tasmania due in significant part to Definium's early technology leadership." Said, Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz

Open to any company in the world with a smart energy idea, the program has attracted high-profile startups from overseas such as the Honolulu-based demand-response specialist Shifted Energy.

"We are excited to work with EnergyLab Australia and TasNetworks to design a powerful way to accelerate clean energy uptake in Australia using customer-sited energy resources. Hawaii, the community where we are based, is an island that is solving for many of the same issues as Australia, especially trying to cost-effectively and reliably integrate lots of renewable energy on an isolated grid. From EnergyLab, we hope to learn how local partners are leveraging and managing distributed energy resources, and we look forward to contributing our expertise to support the Australian community as they address these challenges. Together, we hope to model an impactful path forward that provides value to consumers, energy retailers, and network operators." Said Forest Frizzell, CEO of Shifted Energy

The 6 companies in the 2020 EnergyLab Smart Energy program are:

  • Wattwatchers: Digital Energy: Monitoring and controlling energy in real-time through the cloud. (Australia)
  • Shifted Energy: Shifted Energy accelerates the adoption of clean renewable energy with devices and software solutions that convert electric water heaters into valuable demand response assets that can engage any member of society regardless of wealth or property. (USA)
  • WeavAir: WeavAir built the world's first platform that harnesses environmental, mechanical and human metrics as well as predictive algorithms to manage ventilation, air conditioning, and purification systems. (Canada)
  • Electric Horsemen: Electric Horsemen designs and builds custom electric vehicles. (Australia)
  • Energy ROI: Energy managers for businesses who specialise in energy contracting, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. (Australia)
  • Nelinor: Nelinor helps you understand and control your energy consumption. (Finland)

If you would like to connect with one of the startups from the Energylab program, contact us at [email protected].

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