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The ocean holds critical solutions to the climate crisis and is a source of immense opportunity to feed, power and sustain our future. EnergyLab is excited to be expanding into ocean tech by partnering with Ocean Impact Organisation on a new ocean health accelerator.

Ocean Impact Organisation has partnered with climate-tech startup accelerator EnergyLab to co-deliver the Ocean Impact Accelerator Program. The expansion into ocean tech represents a synergistic expansion for EnergyLab, who has supported more than 130 startups through acceleration and incubation programs and many others with the EnergyLab Angel group and membership offerings - all with a focus on founders building startups to help address the climate crisis.

CEO of EnergyLab Megan Fisher said of the new partnership, “The link between the climate and the ocean is incredibly clear yet devastatingly under emphasised. EnergyLab is thrilled to be working with OIO to ensure the best ocean impact startups have the support they need to rapidly scale and tackle the enormous challenges we face”.

Co-founder and CEO of OIO, Nick Chiarelli said of the accelerator, “It’s high time we realised the enormous potential of the ocean as a source of solutions for a sustainable future. Whether it’s abundant energy from waves and tides; zero emissions transportation; seaweed solutions to sequester carbon or the treasure trove of opportunities to feed 9 billion through sustainable ocean harvesting - the potential is endless. Australia can and should be a leader in scaling ocean solutions and that’s exactly what OIO is here to help make happen.”

OIO has also partnered with Impact Ventures to support the raise of a $2.5mil early stage ocean health venture fund to invest in the accelerator participants.

Applications to the accelerator close on 10th March 2022 with the program commencing on 26th April 2022.

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