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As we move closer to the 2022 Scaleup Program showcase event on September 14th, we're thrilled to be able to share more details on this year's cohort, what they are setting out to achieve, and how their products are set to revolutionise Australia's energy landscape.

This week, we're glad to be able to introduce, The Good Car Co, Village Energy, and Voltaware - four companies that are all operating at the intersection between consumers and our energy infrastructure. Consumer participation has been an increasingly important need for Australia's energy transition with many opportunities on the table for energy companies and people to get involved in synergistic ways. Get your free tickets for the Scaleup Program Showcase event where you will have the opportunity to see the Scaleup Program cohort live and in the meantime, hear from each of them below on what they do and their experiences in the Scaleup Program.’s mission is simple: to make EV charging easier, greener, and cheaper. Our software intelligently manages EV charging on behalf of utilities & networks for over 80,000 drivers worldwide. Operating in Australia, Europe, UK and USA, offers a software platform that directly manages charging with a growing list of home chargers, vehicles and solar inverters. 

The EnergyLab Scaleup program has offered a truly accelerated growth into Australia, facilitating relevant commercial discussions with exciting program partners such as Transgrid, Amber and Endeavour Energy. Expert sessions given by AEMO, ARENA and innovation partners such as TasNetworks have further enhanced our knowledge of the specific challenges and decarbonisation goals for the Australian energy sector, enhancing our expansion plans.

Further to the well structured activities, we have also benefited from meeting the diverse cohort and alumni network - which has led to creative propositions and a fantastic knowledge sharing network which will last long beyond the duration of the program.

The Good Car Company

The Good Car Company exists to decarbonise transport and energy.  This vision has been shared by Energylab as our business has progressed from Hackathon to Incubator to Accelerator and Scaleup over a four year period (perhaps this is an Energylab record?).  The Scaleup program has assisted us in building a number of key elements of the business.  Firstly our cohort of businesses and industry partners are creating a space to share ideas for collaboration and integration.  Secondly the Scaleup program has coincided with Goodcar raising funds to scale our business and connections and mentoring have been invaluable.  Thirdly, energylab has gone out of their way to create novel interactions with a range of potential partners, its this "supportive ecosystem".  All of these factors are what make the Energylab Scaleup program so awesome.

Village Energy

Village Energy is a Western Australia based energy technology company founded in 2017 and operating in Australia, India, and Southeast Asia. Village Energy provides utilities with a solution that seamlessly manages growing grid complexity. Village Energy is a B2B SaaS business with an AI driven energy management platform that helps utilities manage the rapidly decarbonising electricity grid. Village Energy’s solution enables utilities to engage their customers and manage the consumption, production and storage of electricity by households at the device level. In doing so, it improves margins and enhances grid stability for utilities, while providing households with cost savings, transparency and control over their energy assets.

EnergyLab's Scaleup Program has been incredibly beneficial for Village Energy. We have been able to connect with a number of Energy Lab's partners and through those introductions we are now working on a very exciting project with one of the partners (Amber Electric). We thank Megan and Akhil and the rest of the EnergyLab team for  delivering a great program.


Voltaware is at the forefront of the energy transition by revolutionizing the way people interact with their energy use. Voltaware uses electricity data to make homes more efficient, greener, reliable and secure and deliver actionable energy insights down to each appliance - all of which help users save energy and improve their comfort at home.

By deploying our technology through energy utilities, Voltaware helps them to create game changing products to engage their customers and generate new revenue streams. Working with leading utilities such as Enel X, Octopus Energy, Engie, bp. Voltaware has built a deep expertise in energy data analytics.

Participating in the EnergyLab Scaleup 2022 cohort has helped us get a better visibility on the Australian landscape and unlock commercial opportunities.

Voltaware will be providing appliance-level insights to:

  • DSOs - by providing them with an aggregated view of what appliances are running during peak times so that they can optimize flexibility. Voltaware will also provide them with appliance efficiency checks to upsell more efficient appliances to their customers.
  • Retailers - by offering engaging energy products to their customers to increase loyalty and reduce churn.

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