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EnergyLab was all systems go at All Energy Australia this year, with a Networking Lounge and full day Startup Showcase including a Pitchfest to cap off the conference.

Across the two days of the conference we had more than 20 founders join us in our Networking Lounge and Startup Showcase - displaying, speaking and pitching their startups!

Some showcase highlights:

Hayley Lawrance kicked the showcase off by bringing in a piece of spodumene (with the lithium looking like 'stretch marks') for the audience to hand around as part of her keynote on 'On the ground with Global Lithium – the first link in the lithium battery value chain'.

A panel chaired by Kirk McDonald with Hayley Lawrance, Prateek Chourdia, Dominic Spooner and John Wood on 'The amazing Australian lithium battery value chain' dug into the opportunities present in Australia and how we can move forward.

Kirk McDonald launched the Supercharge Australia Report.

James Allston of Orkestra taught us how to completely unlock the solar and battery market.

Tooraj Arvajeh of Perl Street (YC W22) told us why the next 1000 unicorns will be climate tech startups.

Adam Skan led a panel of Cameron B of Pyrochar, Raj Bagri of Kapture, and Neeraj Das of Elecsome Pty Ltd. and dove into the unique challenges each business faces including feedstock and carbon sequestration.

Michael Lebbon, CFA of Emmi walked us through scenario analysis of the decarbonisation trajectory of companies.

David Doral of Dovetail Electric Aviation, Shalini Divya of TasmanIon, Jessica Gower of Equoia and Dave Budge of Jaunt (chaired by Adam Skan) discussed how they are all taking unique approaches to electrifying their various industries.

Vicky Featherston walked us through her journey of founding and growing HAL Systems.

And last but not least, well done to all of the amazing startups who pitched to finish off the showcase day! Solstice AI, Conry Tech, TasmanIon, Emmi, gridmo, Key Energy (Australia), Village Energy, Perl Street (YC W22), Elecsome Pty Ltd.Everty

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