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Join us as we showcase the 2023 Energy Scaleup Program cohort! In this recording of our Sep 20, 2023 online Scaleup Showcase event you will hear from organisations whose technologies & services are enabling smart grid flexibility, accelerating renewable rollout & usage, and helping to enhance grid reliability & resiliency.

From autonomous grid-monitoring robotics and advanced materials, to software solutions that can improve grid efficiencies, reduce grid bottlenecks, and enable personalised energy purchasing, these startups represent the best in innovative technologies across the energy sector.

The EnergyLab Scaleup Program is designed to help the most innovative startups and energy companies work together to roll out technology that will help decarbonise the energy sector. During this virtual program, founders are provided with the connections and exposure they need to unlock their next wave of growth.

Watch the event recording here


Smart Grid Flexibility

10:10 | Plexigrid’s software actively manages and reduces peak loads, benefiting customers, electricity distributors and energy suppliers.

13:47 | AEI have developed their SmartBox technology which allows agricultural irrigation to be integrated with energy cost dynamics including onsite solar generation, improving the value proposition for renewables and unlocking the ability for farms to assist the network.

17:18 | Oaktree Power’s interconnected flexibility marketplace bridges the gap between electrical asset owners and flexibility buyers to accelerate the energy transition by providing crucial balancing services to ease congestion and enhance grid stability, while generating revenue streams for electricity asset owners that outperform traditional flexibility markets.

21:44 | Smart Grid Flexibility Q&A


Accelerating Renewables

27:38 | Energy Synapse’s market intelligence software helps industry, developers, and investors understand electricity markets and find the most valuable spots in the grid to install renewable generation and storage technologies.

31:17 | Accurassi provides solar lead-generation software for energy retailers to identify, qualify and engage with prospective customers.

34:12 | PowerPlay offers an off-the shelf, gamified, demand optimisation platform and are looking to help distributors and retailers to address the challenges they are facing during the energy transition.

37:52 | Accelerating Renewables Q&A


Grid Reliability & Resiliency

43:00 | IND.T IND.T manufactures smart sensors which can be rolled out across the electricity network, detecting emerging faults before they become a bigger issue.

46:24 | GridWrap has developed advanced composite materials which strengthen power lines & poles, increasing network power capacity by up to 2x and improving asset structural integrity.

49:28 | Enerza’s autonomous on-wire robots which crawl the grid, inspecting assets and monitoring vegetation encroachment, using advanced AI for predictive analytics.

51:51 | Grid Reliability & Resiliency Q&A


About the Scaleup Program

Originally launched in 2020, EnergyLab's Energy Scaleup Program offers startups an opportunity to collaborate with energy companies, investors, industry leaders, other founders, and mentors from the EnergyLab network to help unlock their next wave of growth.

The 2022 Energy Scaleup Program is being delivered with the support of the following industry partners: Endeavour Energy & Amber.

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