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If it's startups and the energy transition that you're after, this year's EnergyLab contribution to the All Energy Conference and Careers for Net Zero Fair is not one to miss.

Hear from and meet the startups transforming the Energy Industry at the EnergyLab Startup Showcase and Networking Lounge at this year's All Energy Conference. 25th - 26th October, 2023, Melbourne. Head next door to the Careers for Net Zero Fair to check out our stand that will talk you through the steps to start a startup of your very own.

EnergyLab Startup Networking Lounge

When: 25 - 26 October

Where: EnergyLab Startup Networking Lounge - outside the Industry Theatre

Mingle with the startups changing the future of the energy industry at the EnergyLab Startup Networking Lounge. Different startups will be rotating throughout the two days, so make sure to keep checking back!

To see which startups are exhibiting and find out when to see see them at the EnergyLab Startup Networking Lounge follow this link.

EnergyLab Startup Showcase

When: 26 October, 11:00am - 4:10 pm

Where: Industry Workshop Theatre

Don’t miss the EnergyLab showcase on the 26th celebrating the founders transforming the energy sector. Join us as we dive into conversation around how together, startups and industry can tackle decarbonisation. The day will be capped off with a pitch event jam packed full of founders.

For a full program rundown on the EnergyLab Startup Showcase, follow this link.

Careers for Net Zero Fair Stand

When: 26 October, 9:00am - 5pm

Where: MCEC Exhibition Hall

EnergyLab supports aspiring and idea-stage founders to bring their ideas to life. Join us at the Careers for Net Zero Fair where we’ll to discuss our early stage programs to launch your very own climate tech endeavour and share about opportunities to kick off your career in climate tech.

We’ll be joined by some EnergyLab alumni who will share their experiences of the entrepreneurship journey, and opportunities for getting involved with startups.

For more information visit our Careers for Net Zero Ideation Stand page.

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