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Join us for the graduation of EnergyLab's first Scaleup Program cohort!

Hear from: Everty, Hiringa Energy, Zenogen, Aurtra, Infravision, MGA Thermal, Evergen, Gridcognition, UPowr, Amperon, Powerpal, Renewable Energy Hub and Utility API.

Built specifically to help accelerate high-impact clean energy startups in Australia and overseas, EnergyLab’s Scaleup Program facilitates collaboration between fast-growing cleantech companies, energy utilities and other partner organisations.

The thirteen companies selected to participate in the program have all demonstrated significant potential to develop and deploy technologies needed for the transition to 100% renewable energy. From hydrogen fuel cells to unmanned aerial systems, demand forecasting software to multi-sided platforms. At this event, we will dive deeper into the workings of the late-stage startups who have taken part.

We have grouped the startups into four clusters based on their focus areas. Each cluster will have its own session which will feature a pitch from each startup, followed by an in-depth panel discussion between the leaders. All four sessions will run simultaneously from the same event lobby, enabling you to join the session you are most interested in. All sessions will be recorded, meaning you can catch up on the other sessions after the event.

Transport decarbonisation:

Everty - Provides a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to companies installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that enables them to monitor, manage and monetise their assets.

Hiringa Energy (NZ) - Developing commercial scale green hydrogen projects.

Zenogen - Zenogen is bringing a complete hydrogen ecosystem from hydrogen production to mobility to communities and businesses.

Transitioning the grid:

Aurtra - Assess, analyse and act to maximise transformer life with Aurtra HealthSense.

Infravision - Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Power Line Construction.

MGA Thermal - Clean, economical and scalable thermal energy storage with a novel material, to convert retiring thermal power stations into grid scale renewable energy storage facilities.

Virtual power plants:

Evergen - Evergen is a renewable energy software business that enables smarter energy by optimising energy storage systems and orchestrating large fleets of batteries to enable Virtual Power Plants. This ensures a resilient and decentralised energy system of the future and drives benefits for consumers, businesses, network operators and utilities.

Gridcognition - Planning and optimisation of distributed energy systems.

UPowr - A digital platform redefining the solar and battery experience for households.

The power of data:

Amperon (US) - Combines machine learning with deep energy and meteorology expertise to provide energy suppliers with best in class electricity demand forecasts.

Powerpal - Connects your electricity meter to your smartphone and wirelessly tracks (in real time!) exactly how your home is using energy.

Renewable Energy Hub - A clean energy marketplace and analytics platform supporting transactions by generators, energy retailers and customers in order to scale the uptake of renewable energy.

Utility API (US) - UtilityAPI provides easy, secure, functional access to energy data.

Join us to learn more about some of the world’s most promising late-stage clean energy startups set to unlock growth and partnership opportunities in Australia!

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