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EnergyLab is presenting a Startup Showcase during the All Energy Conference - this is the first time such an event has been presented at All Energy. The Start-Up Showcase will include

Panel: Energy Startups Helping to Change the Face of Energy in Australia.


Sam Ringwaldt - CEO Conry Tech

Alan Hunter - Founder and CEO, National Renewable Network

Marija Petkovic - Founder and Managing Director, Energy Synapse


Megan Fisher - CEO, EnergyLab

Keynote: Startups and Australia’s generational opportunity in the Lithium Battery Value Chain.

Speaker: Noah Wasmer -  CEO & Co-founder, Roev

Panel: Startup journey - maximising our Lithium Battery Value Chain resources


Merrill Gray - Head of Recycling, incl. Primobius GmbH JV, Neometals Limited

Andrew Mackenzie - Director, Envirostream Australia Pty. Ltd.

Steven Vassiloudis - CEO & Founder, Novalith

Moderator: Kirk McDonald - Project Manager Supercharge Australia, EnergyLab and New Energy Nexus

Startup Pitch Presentations: A series of short presentations from some of the industry’s most exciting startups.

Adam Pryor - CoFounder, Open Solar

Mike Wishart - CEO, EcoJoule

Matthew Forrest - Founder, Economical Energy

Brendan Whelan - Head of Product, UPowr

Jarman Stephens - Founder, gridmo

Howard Leong - GM Business Development, Key Energy

Simon Helm - Business Development Manager, Village Energy

Doug Hartmann - Director, Hart Bioenergy

Fraser Hughson - Co-Founder and CTO, Allegro Energy

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