Take your idea to the next level
EnergyLab's Pre-Acceleration Program helps clean energy entrepreneurs refine their business idea and map a path to launching their company
What the Pre-Acceleration Program involves
The Pre-Acceleration Program helps you refine your business idea, gain some traction and get ready for our Acceleration Program
Tailored workshops
Three workshops are held over the course of the program to help you refine your business model, validate your idea, and develop a plan for gaining traction
Preferential access to our Acceleration Program
Participants are guaranteed an interview for our Acceleration Program and the workshops are designed to maximise your chances of receiving an offer
Free coworking membership
You and your team will receive free hot desk coworking membership at EnergyLab for the duration of the program so you have somewhere to work on your idea
Three workshops to set you up for success
Refining your idea
In the first workshop, we will help you refine your business plan, develop a back-of-the-envelope financial model, and identify areas that need further research
Seeking validation
In the second workshop, you will identify the riskiest assumptions underpinning your business idea and we will help you develop a plan for testing them
Securing support
In the final workshop, you will get a chance to practice your pitch and receive feedback on how to better convince potential supporters
Maximise your chances of being offered a place in our Acceleration Program
Our Acceleration Program provides successful applicants with $50,000 of seed funding, assistance raising further capital, access a network of over 100 mentors, business coaching and training, and a heap of other support.

Our Pre-Acceleration Program was designed to increase the odds of receiving an offer to join our Acceleration Program. Participants are guaranteed an initial interview and the workshops are designed to help you perform well in each interview round.
Free coworking membership
For the duration of the program, you and your team will enjoy a free hot desk membership in one of EnergyLab coworking spaces. This will provide you with a place to work on your ideas and an opportunity to get to know other clean energy entrepreneurs.
How to apply
Applying is quick and easy
Apply online
The first step is to fill out a short online application form. Applications close at 3pm on Thursday 11 October.
Attend an interview
If we think you're a good fit for the program we'll invite you to a short interview to get to know you better. Interviews will be held on Tuesday 30 October.
Receive an offer
If you make it into the top four companies we'll offer you a spot in the program. Offers will be made shortly after the interviews and the program will kick off in November.
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
Where is the program located?
The program is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Lismore. Sign up to our mailing list to find out when applications open for those cities.
I live overseas - can I apply?
No sorry, we're currently only accepting applications from people currently living in Australia. Please check out our Landing Pad Program instead, which was designed specifically for overseas companies.
Can I participate remotely?
You're welcome to work on your business from wherever you want, but we require in-person attendance at each of the three workshops.
I'm working on <insert technology>, can I apply?
Possibly! We take a very broad view of clean energy and include any technology that is required in a world powered by 100% renewable sources. Please send us an email and we'll tell you for sure.
Do I need a co-founder to apply?
No. If you have team members or co-founders then that's a bonus but we encourage solo-founders to apply too.
Do I need to register a company to participate?
Nope. If you have already registered a company that's perfectly fine but we would recommend only doing so after validating your ideas, which is what this program will help you do.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! The program is completely free and we don't require you to give up any equity in your company.
When will the next program be held?
The next program will run in November and December 2018.
How much time will it take to participate?
We only require participants to attend three half-day workshops as well as complete some follow-up tasks in their own time.
How many spots are there in the program?
About four per city. We keep the groups small so we can provide personalised attention to each participant.