Pre-Acceleration Program
Refine your clean energy startup idea, achieve customer validation and map a path to launching your company
What the Pre-Acceleration Program involves
EnergyLab's Pre-Acceleration Program will help you refine your business idea, gain some traction and get ready for our Acceleration Program
Tailored workshops for clean energy startups
Three full-day workshops are held throughout the program to help you refine your business model, validate your idea, and hone your ability to communicate the opportunity to others.
Strategy sessions with a successful entrepreneur
Participants receive three strategy sessions throughout the program with a successful entrepreneur to discuss your business and how to overcome any hurdles you face.
Help getting into our Acceleration Program
The workshops and strategy sessions are designed to maximise your chances of successfully applying for our Acceleration Program. You will also receive feedback from EnergyLab's Programs Manager on how to improve your application.
Join our growing network of successful alumni
Johnny Wapstra
"The EnergyLab pre-accelerator program is essential for any first time entrepreneur. It helped with my business concept validation and refine my pitch message. It also assisted me to develop a successful application into the full accelerator program."
Nharyan Feldmann
Founder, Solar Sheds
"The workshops focused on the skills needed to kickstart a businesses were run by friendly industry experts and highly informative. ... I would highly recommend EnergyLab to anyone with a concept bringing value to the world of renewables."
Anton Vikstrom
"EnergyLab Pre-Acceleration program provided a great and timely opportunity to make professional contacts and rapidly move our business from an idea to operations. ...If you're starting up, try this program!"
Three workshops to set you up for success
Refine your idea
In the first workshop, we will help you prepare a high-level business plan, develop a back-of-the-envelope financial model, identify your riskiest assumptions and put together a plan for addressing them.
Obtain customer validation
Until you receive customer validation you're unlikely to secure the support you need to launch your business. In the second workshop, we will help you analyse your market and train you in customer research techniques.
Prepare a solid application
Finally, we'll help you communicate your winning idea to others and put together a compelling pitch deck. This will help you secure funding and/or get into an acceleration program to receive further support.
Maximise your chances of being offered a place in our Acceleration Program
Our Acceleration Program provides successful applicants with introductions to the mentors, advisors, investors and partners they need to launch their business, generate revenue and raise capital. Our Pre-Acceleration Program was designed to increase the odds of receiving an offer to join our Acceleration Program. So far 50% of Pre-Acceleration Program participants have been offered a place in our Acceleration Program.
The application process and dates for the 2020 intake
Applying for the EnergyLab Pre-Acceleration Program is easy. Simply fill in a couple of application forms and attend an interview.
Due May 2020

If you're interested in applying for EnergyLab's Pre-Acceleration Program, you'll first need to submit a pre-application form.
Full application
Due Early June 2020

If we believe you could be a good fit for the program, we'll encourage you to fill in a full application form. This form is a bit longer than the pre-application form and will help us decide whether this is the best program for you.
Mid June 2020

A small number of applicants will be invited to attend an interview during which we'll ask you more questions about your startup and what support you're looking. The interview is 20 minutes long and held online via video conference.
Late June 2020

About half of the interviewed applicants will be provided with an offer to join the program.
Here are some of the questions we're commonly asked. If there is anything else you would like to know please email [email protected].
Where is the program located?
The program runs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
I live overseas - can I apply?
Only if you plan to move to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane in Australia before the program starts.
Can I participate remotely?
You're welcome to work on your business from wherever you want, but we require in-person attendance at each of the workshops.
I'm working on <insert technology>, can I apply?
Possibly! We take a very broad view of clean energy and include any technology that is required in a world powered by 100% renewable sources. Please email us and we'll tell you for sure.
Do I need a co-founder to apply?
No. If you have team members or co-founders then that's a bonus but we encourage solo-founders to apply too.
Do I need to register a company to participate?
Nope. If you have already registered a company that's perfectly fine but we would recommend only doing so after validating your ideas, which is what this program will help you do.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! The program is completely free and we don't require you to give up any equity in your company.
When will the next program be held?
The program runs between July and October each year.
How much time will it take to participate?
We only require participants to attend three full-day workshops as well as complete some follow-up tasks in their own time.
How many spots are there in the program?
Around 4-6 per city. We keep the groups small so we can provide personalised attention to each participant.