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ISF Expert Talks
Join us for a series of talks from energy experts from the UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures

All events will be held at EnergyLab on the third Tuesday night of the month. Doors will open at 5:30pm and the talk will run between 6pm and 7pm. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

This series is run in partnership with the UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures and Freshwater Group
Direct replacement of Australia's coal and LNG exports with a renewable energy alternative can be hard to grasp. After all, you can't put the sun or the wind on a ship, can you? One feasible export pathway does just that in the form of hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of seawater and delivered to markets already familiar with Australia as a reliable supplier of sea-borne energy. Power can come from specially built wind and solar farms near the sea, or maybe a smart option is to produce hydrogen from grid power during times of excess renewable energy generation – this has the extra benefits of preventing waste and helping the grid operator to balance supply and demand.

Another hydrogen pathway uses ammonia NH3 as the transport medium, a much easier substance to manage in liquid form. This would give the receiving market fantastic flexibility to produce electricity, liquid fuels, and fertiliser all at the same time. Creating such an industry would also have important implications for our own liquid fuel supply – presently a strategic vulnerability for which we have no apparent plan.

Is there also a no-moving-parts solution to connect electricity grids directly under the sea? This turns out to be a credible technical stretch using today's technology. High-voltage direct-current transmission integrated with energy storage can mobilise northern Australia's solar resource to make a secure, dispatchable power station in the Java grid, where it might complement the unmatched local geothermal resources. This export pathway opens up a deep strategic partnership with Indonesia to create a regional energy market, and launch it into an emissions-free future.

5:30pm, Tuesday 17 October 2017
59 countries, 72 cties, 63 regions and states, 9 utilities, 21 non-profit, education and public institutions, totaling more than 1.8 billion people have committed to shifting within the next few decades to 100% renewable energy.

The transition to 100% renewables is not science fiction anymore.

This energy revolution requires multiple innovative developments in engineering, new services and legislation, which will create huge opportunities for new wealth creation. Dr. Sven Teske specialised in 100% renewable energy concepts and will provide a brief overview about the required technologies, services and challenges ahead of us.

5:30pm, Tuesday 21 November 2017
Canberra Deep Dive Series
Join us for a series of three conversations addressing important issues facing clean energy and the role of the ACT in this transition

All events will be held at The Level on the second Tuesday night of the month. Doors will open at 5:30pm and the talk will run between 6pm and 7pm. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

This series is run in partnership with The Level and Freshwater Group
For EnergyLab's first event in Canberra you'll get the chance to hear insights from some of the startups in our accelerator program: Eveeh and Everty! The evening will start with short presentations from Slava Kozlovskii from Eveeh and Carola Jonas and Tim Randall from Everty.

5:30pm, Monday 9 October 2017
As the cost of renewable energy generation is falling it has become increasingly popular for Australians to invest in community generation. How can we embrace the opportunities offered by community generation?

5:30pm, Monday 13 November 2017
What role for Canberra as a test market for new energy technologies? Our expert panel will be discussing this issue for EnergyLab in Canberra.

5:30pm, Monday 11 December 2017
Interested in clean energy entrepreneurship? EnergyLab organises, supports and hots a number of hackathons so you can find co-founders and the next big idea.
Do you want to see more electric vehicles in Canberra? Are you interested in setting up a business or social enterprise to make that happen? Then join us at Climathon Canberra!

5:30pm, Friday 27 October - 7:30pm, Saturday 28 October 2017
Are you excited about the potential for clean energy technologies to improve lives? Are you intersted in setting up a business or social enterprise to address the growing energy needs of South East Asia? Then come along to Climathon Sydney, meet some like-minded people, and see what you come up with together!

5:30pm, Friday 27 October - 7:30pm, Saturday 28 October 2017
The energy sector is being disrupted, and with technological change come new opportunities. Who will be the Facebook, Amazon and Uber of the emerging smart energy sector? If you want the answer to be 'you' then come along to the EnergyLab Brisbane Hackathon!

5:30pm, Friday 10 November - 8:00pm, Saturday 11 November 2017
Other events
Here are some more events that you might be interested in
What can Queensland learn from the energy transition underway in California? What opportunities does this create for entrepreneurs to grow new energy businesses? Danny Kennedy, the Australian co-founder of Sungevity and Managing Director of the Californian Clean Energy Fund, is visiting Brisbane to share his thoughts.

5:30pm, Wednesday 26 October 2017
Startupbootcamp Energy Australia is taking applications to join their 3 month accelerator program scheduled to start January 2018. With it's key position in the Asia Pacific region, Startupbootcamp Energy Australia gives startups unprecedented access to a test market and seed funding to take your idea to the world!

This Bootcamp will help potential applicants get ready to submit their application.

Wednesday 11 October 2017
As our planet grows in people and our technology grows in power, there is no doubt that our consumption of energy will continue to increase. Today our energy consumption is higher than it has ever been before.

We know energy will play an important role in our future, and it's the choices we make today, that will impact the next generation and their lives on our planet.

Renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro, provide a cleaner and more sustainable energy than fossil fuels. But the question remains: in the future, will these power sources be capable of supplying energy for all our technological needs?

Join Academy Xi as they discuss the topic of energy with an all star lineup of innovators in the energy space.

6pm, Thursday 26 October 2017
More events coming soon!
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